a sugestion to the admins.

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1. sanagui_dj ,

Hello! That the title may confuse them a bit, but here is the explanation of why, and what this publication brings in this wonderful thread. You see, I have noticed that, in my personal opinion, something is missing from the forum, to make it more dynamic. What do I mean? Well, I explain. It turns out that, a few moments ago, I was reading in a forum x, on x game. Then, in these conversations, a person appeared who made a request on the link of said game. Know, that maybe they will say. And, why do not you contact him by private or by the permanent and already? good. For those who do not have as much mastery in jaws or in nvda. There are users who, even if the reader reads them in a way, do not know exactly how it is that the user's name is written, which causes problems at the time of replying to that specific person. Well, I'll get right to the point. The idea would be, if they could put a reply button to the user who requested x thing on said thread. For example if pepito says he needs a software and it turns out that someone like in 5 answers below, reads the requirement, but can not send the answer or in this case the program because, the package biene with crack or registry doing that Is a violation of the regulations. And as the user in question is not connected or, they do not know how to use the reader properly to be able to extract the name of the user, it would be great that every user that answers in the forum, can be answered from there, that You get the option to send permanent or private message if it is currently connected. Why I say it, I think it would be fantastic if such a thing happened. And, taking advantage of the space, it would be good just like, put the button to that one, to go fanning in the comments or to return to the beginning of all the thread from where the publication originated, instead of going to the forum of the web page and to look from there. I already saw this in another thread, but it is not enough to repeat it for seacaso. But that, I think it would be great to insert a button to be able to answer the user within the same forum. I hope you understand the idea.

2. Sajad-Aliraqi,

While the suggestion is great yet I see no way how it could be done from the Windows client. It would require an almost too much work, considering the fact that Aminiel would have to work it out in the web client and the main forums too.
Another issue is what, there is no key that we can use to reply the person. Good suggestion, I say, but pressing enter on the post will not view a menu, it will only show the actual text. Without the enter key, all posts would have been actual sized, and they then would lag the clients.
But maybe pressing the application key would view a list of which has the option that allows this feature, or maybe the space bar would open up an edit box which you can use to reply the person.

3. sanagui_dj ,

But it could be with the right click of the mouse, and to wait if it could be taken into account, thank you friend, for explaining a little

4. helleon,

it wouldn't be as hard as you think, i would imagine, just to add a feature so that you could quote a post and add it as part of your own to respond to it

5. Sajad-Aliraqi,

I would then still say the space bar would be the good solution for it!

6. sanagui_dj ,

yes, the space bar, and aplication key, may be the posible solution, but we would like to listen what aminiel sais

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