possible bug/ bug fix for 1000 miles?

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1. TheOracle,


right now in the game of 1000 miles, if you play a conse-sense card against someone, they are go backwards.. say if they are at 100 miles and play 50, they would then be at 50 miles.
I have noticed, if they get to 0 miles, they can still play all the mile cards (even 200 miles)

why. if you're at 0 miles, you can't go any further, so what's the point?

I suggest that when you get to 0 miles, their is an automatic red light given to you because you've gone as far as you can go- you can't go any further back, that, or an accident.. face it, if you're backwards, it's going to happen sooner or later anyway


2. Kotoamatsukami,

Accident happening after playing a mile card when you are on 0 sounds fun. But red light is not fun, I personally like to play miles card when I am at 0

3. AmineTrichine,

what's the point then, if you know you are at 0, and you decide to junk a card or play it, it is the same.

4. Kotoamatsukami,

You could play 200 miles by accident :)

5. StormProductions,

I did it a lot of times and I was like, Oh f**k this.

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