Regarding a new category forums for the tournaments.

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1. MagicalKrrish,

dear Aminiel,,

at one stage about having the new category for the tournament was brought about, but it didn't eventuated. I would like to put a request if you can relook into this tournament category and have a forums sepparatly for the tournaments. I will be starting the Uno league which will be lasting for few months and putting results and match ups every week might messy the tea room category. I hope to hear from you regarding this soon.

kind regards


2. Aminiel,

Do you think that the new category should cover all tournaments, or only uno tournaments specifically ?

It seems that your uno tournament seem to be quite a success, and on the french side, we made specific forums for different games in the past.
Tell me more what you need exactly as category name and description, and we will discuss it.

Once the category is created, you may contact an English helper to move existing topics.

3. Alicanto ,

I personally think the new forum category should take the whole handful of tournaments. Sure, it would certainly rock if we concentrate just in uno, but then again the separation would be pointless. Just a suggestion

4. MagicalKrrish,

It will be good to have forums for all tournaments. And within it you can have different game categories like you mentioned about french server having it. I think this will be a good inclusion.



5. Alicanto ,

um no? just one only forum for that only tournament xd. If we make forums for all games, do you imagine what a mess would it be? just one called tournaments&competitions think is enough

6. Nikola,

Why is that a mess? It works perfefctly fine on the French side.

7. MagicalKrrish,

I think the category can be the Play Room tournament and then the descriptions of popular tournament can be created for example, Uno tournaments, Spades, tournaments, cribbage tournaments, and Scopa tournaments. We can have top 5 or 6 popular tournaments and then we can have a description about one as other tournaments.

Kind regards,


8. Alicanto ,

that's what I ment, just a single forum called tournaments &competitions or whatever, then inside that one you can create your own topicks for each tournament

9. YNWA,

I think Krrish's suggestion will work well, we know some tournaments are very popular here like Uno and Spades so deserve a section on their own and the best of the rest can be put in one place as Krrish suggested. If people see a tournament for a particular game has not been held for a while it may encourage a person to host that tournament.

10. Alicanto ,

hmm, maybe y'all have the reason. Have never played on a tournament so... yeah, think they deserve there own place. But you mean sticky? or their own forums

11. Ferrumite,

I think that it would be the best to have like an anouncements room for overall tournaments, and I don't meen just in uno or just in spades, I meen in general, tournaments. It's quite good, it doesn't make loads of difference but, It's quite ok, like, you have absolutly only one place in witch you can see info about tournaments. By the way, Should we have a bord or a room for something like, hey, I am having a table for game x, it will be open in satur day from x y z to x y z etc. It can be good for games like, the little exam or other rehr games where you cant find players that easyly.
Kind regards

12. Aminiel,

What do you think I should do then:

  1. A single forum tournaments
  2. A forum uno tournaments, spades tournaments, little exam tournaments, etc.

13. Everyone,

Personally I think a single tournaments forum is fine. There aren't a whole lot of tournaments hosted at once, so you don't have to go through pages of topics to find what you are looking for. I think if you were to create a single forum for every game, that almost nothing would ever be posted in most of the forums, so people forget to check it. Personally, i always use the recent topics link... It's the best of both worlds.

14. Kotoamatsukami,

Option A, though I don't mind because I also use recent topics always

15. YNWA,

If you create a single tournaments forum topic called PLAYROOM TOURNAMENTS that will be good. You can then create Heading/folders in the Playroom tournaments section.






I may have missed something but rushing because of quiz. I say latest because people will then check for something new.

If people press enter they should find.





When you press enter on that tournament then you can find all the information you want. I would not list all tournaments as some games may never have tournaments and other games may have just 1 or 2 tournaments. The rest of the tournaments will go in the other tournaments section. Helpers or yourself can add say add a Belote tournaments to the list if there was a demand for that another time.

I think this will work well for now.

16. Alicanto ,

just the option a. And no, please, no subforums. Another mess again. If indeed lots of uno and spades tournaments are on course, it's unfair for the other types of games. The latest tournament if someone posts on it would certainly appear in the beginning of the list. Btw, can you please do the same on the spanish community? we indeed have tournaments but need to post them on the offtopick room. And then again, they keep being lost due to massive posts on random threads that some users create. Just a suggestion. Or, aminiel, who should I talk with for this being created as well on our community? hope you english guys have the tournaments forum

17. YNWA,

It will be fine how I suggested it. I suggested something simular if not the same things months ago. People will just go to the tournaments sections and will see a few games so if they are interested in Uno they will just select the Uno section so it will be simplified. if you just have tournaments you will just get many messages for Uno or whatever tournament is on so could miss others. This way it will be different to recent topics.

If the recent topics section only had the messages from say the last 10 days then that section that everybody sees will be much smaller. Maybe that will help a lot, Is a topic from 6 months ago recent?

18. Ferrumite,

option A. Guise, please don't make it to complicated both for aminiel and for us users.

19. Everyone,

There really aren't a whole lot of tournaments going on at once, so I still think it would be very hard to actually miss something. If you have to go down a whole bunch of times to find the to tournament you're looking for, then chances are it's already finished or at least there's no spots open. While it is true that activity picks up over the summer, there are also months where almost nothing happens on the tournament front.

20. Alicanto ,

I agree. Option a

21. the-raven,

agreed. no reason to create topics where almost nothing would happen most of the time

22. Aminiel,

OK. I will probably do it after the big update/maintenance of this week-end.

23. Sajad-Aliraqi,

I would vote for option A

24. me-me,

yeah the option A is the perfect one, just a single tournaments forum .

25. Muhammad_Hajjar,

Option a for sure.

26. Aminiel,

The forum tournaments has been created today.

Ask the helpers to move existing topics to this new forum.

27. Ferrumite,

cool. thanks

28. Kotoamatsukami,

Thank you Aminiel

29. Cristina,

Very nice, thank you Aminiel!

30. Muhammad_Hajjar,

Nice job, thanks aminiel.

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