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1. Saniel_Morse,

Original message by Math_Kauton:
Wouldn't be really hard to add notifications in order to see which our of friends' accounts have changed in the last 30 days, I. E. which was their previous and actual nickname? Or instead the possibility to asign aliases to accounts not depending on nicknames, something that looks less practical to me .
Some of you might respond that we can always ask to people who change nick who he/she is, but right now I have in list about 10 nicknames which correspond to people who are not connected at the time I do, and furtermore, I don't know who are they. I mean, I think that if it's allowed to change your nickname 12 times a year (this action seems exaggerated for me) it's neither a lot asking that we the others can recognice who we are talking to, without depending on they tell us that info.

2. canada,

I totally agree with you. It wood be so nice to have that type of notification.

3. Sajad-Aliraqi,

I would say it would be better to add an option in viewing a user menu to set a name for it.
for example in my friends list I choose slavista. then there is something called asign preferable name, so that you can still set a name if you don't want to see people always changing their names. it's the same as alious.

4. Saniel_Morse,

Yep, that possibility was also discussed above.
It would be really appreciated an official answer from there to know once and for all the veredict for this suggestion, because in the last messages for the original spanish post the majority of people have been bitching, ones accepting and others regecting and none have agreed on nothing. As usual on there, you know.
Kind regards.

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