Concerning german-speaking people: Looking for feedback

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1. Obversaria,

Hello everyone!
This thread concerns especially the german-speaking people on here, because I know that a lot of them play on the english part. I am the translator of the german part, and for now the only one. I am posting this because I'm looking for feedback!
I do my best to translate all the games without any mistakes, but as we all know, nobody's perfect. Since there are not many people playing in german, I don't receive any feedback. This makes the work more difficult -- and rather boring! ;)
Therefore I kindly ask the german speaking people to come over and play. Should you encounter any (spelling or grammar) mistakes or if an expression seems super strange to you, just contact me via permanent or private message. I am rather flexible, so if your favorite game is not translated yet, just let me know!
I normally play in french, so don't be surprised if you don't see me in the german online list -- just press shift+ctrl+w for the general online list and look for my name.
Thank you for your attention to this matter and see you soon!

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