Adding Briscola to QuentinC's Playroom

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1. Saniel_Morse,

Hi everyone,

I would like to suggest that you add another card game that is very enjoyable. It's named Briscola and it's from Italy. The goal is to take tricks from the corresponding hands and make as many points as possible, playing either in teams or individually.
There can be from two to five players using some extra variants (see below). Although it's most played using spanish cards, there are some adaptations made using the french deck, so there's no need to come up with a new deck withing this same platform.
Here's the link for the rules; you can find more about if you wish:
Hopefully you like this suggestion!
Kind regards.

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2. YNWA,

You mean a suggestion for a new game, by just reading your title you had me thinking have I missed something?

3. Cristina,

Yes, I like your suggestion. I know that game and it would nice if we would have it on here.

4. Dayan,

@YNWA I only can remind you that constructive comments are better than destructive ones. Better to be positive than always finding a mistake at everything, that won't bring you any peace. That's my constructive comment. :)
And yes, @Saniel_Morse, I like your idea! Altough i haven't played such game. :D Would be good to try something new on here.

5. YNWA,

It is hardly distructive, lol, I just said I got a bit confused with the title, that is a fact! I love card games and will welcome more suggestions as it is good to know about new ones. Personally I like ones that test you and would welcome the aditional part of belote (yet to be included) which is the declaring of cards at the start, I feel it would be an interesting part of the game.

6. sound2,

To be honest I was also confused when I read the title of the post but it's not the end of the world either way. I also didn't find anything distructive about the comment. Personally I wonder if there are enough card games but that's just my view. Nothing wrong if it gets addded to the rest on here.

7. Saniel_Morse,

Ok guys, since the title seems somewhat precarious and unsuitable now I will change it to something maybe more stylish and more logical.
However, I'm very glad that you've liked the idea! Hopefully it can be implemented in the future.

Kind regards.

8. CathyAnne,

Well, I would suggest skip bow. This is another game in which you have to use cards in order to spell words to make sentences. Also, there are other games out there.

9. policeman1,

Yeah skippo very fun but not sure online way.

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