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1. nunoportugal,

hello all! There is some way, to use playroom in pendrive, without installing it? One switch, comand line, whatever, i want to know if it is possible to go with playroom in my USB with my configurations, and not saving in the computers that i plug my pendrive to play. Thank you.

2. Nikola,

Hi. The playroom does not store any files in windows directories, so it is perfectly fine to just copy it somewhere and use it without installing. However, configuration saving is not possible because that is stored in app data. You have to enter your credentials on each computer.

3. nunoportugal,

its that, i want the configurations stored in program folder, and not in appdata.

4. Nikola,

Yeah as I said this is currently not possible. What I do is just take the config.ini file on the drive together with the playroom and then I just paste it on a pc where I want to use playroom. If you customize channels and views too, then you need to copy channels and views ini files too.

5. nunoportugal,

i want to report also a bug... in new playroom, instead saying quentim c gamerrom nunoportugal, says something like servernamessl nunoportugal

6. Nikola,

I think that has something to do with translations not being up to date. I guess you don't use Playroom in English?

7. nunoportugal,

no, i use it in portuguese. but i changed the language and same thing ocurs. I think that severname, must be replaced.

8. Nikola,

For me, this does not happen in English, however let's hope Aminiel can give some more info on that.

9. Aminiel,

This is indeed a missing translation in portuguese. The file portuguese.lng hasn't been updated for ages.

The problem is, I'm not sure there are still active portuguese translators. I'll get back with more info later when I know the current situation.

Infortunately, you will have to wait the next version to see it fixed anyway. Sorry! Though, thank you for pointing this out.

10. nunoportugal,

hello, i'm a active portuguese translator, and i abandoned it, because i'm alone in translations. my translation account is: oportuguesdeportugal. but, I can come back to the translations, and i have a team that can help me and stay with me in this. but, the portuguese room needs moderators also.

11. Aminiel,


I suggest contacting anneau-de-saturne to help you get back, finding other translators and also helpers if it is needed. He's responsible for that.

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