typos, typos, so many typos!

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1. LaraStardust,

I sort of have a question.
How do I report typos for quiz party? Not in the questions, in the actual game?
These typos are driving me up the wall, and I want to fix them.
What makes them worse is they[''re small, small mistakes but fixing them would make the game a thousand times better.
Please let me help?
thanks nate

2. YNWA,

I am guessing that would be in the translation part?? Can you give an example not that I could do anything about that part.

3. Aminiel,

If it's in the game itself, not in a question, and in English, then signal them here.
For other languages, tell it to translators.

4. LaraStardust,

by signal it here, I assume you mean write it with corrections, on the forum?
I shall do so if that is the case. :)

5. YNWA,

I like the username!

6. LaraStardust,

thank you!

7. play_romania1,

So, in what language whas this "bug"?

8. deathdragon,

in english i think. But i'm not sure and by now the bug should have been fixed

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