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1. LaraStardust,

hi there
in friends list, it would be very cool if we could see when a person last connected to the playroom.
Thank you very much!

2. Nikola,

This was available in statistics before, but was removed for privacy reasons. I personally don't have an issue with it and think it should be an option you can toggle in your privacy settings just like in all social apps.

3. Cristina,

Yes, I ewould like if Aminiel will put back, because that was so usefull for many of us.

4. helleon,

Mixed views on this, I agree with Nikola. Add it back as an option so that people can choose to allow people to see when they were last connected or not.

5. Kotoamatsukami,

GFS Trackers :D

6. YNWA,

The PR gives out a lot of information about you hear. I wonder how much people are aware of. If you offer an opt out system for one thing you have to do it for other things too. Some will want everything being made available, others will want nothing. Remember now it is not just statistics but Quiz Party too.

7. Nikola,

Oh yeah, let's play some quiz party. On to a more serious and on topic note, PR gives almost no information which is personal.

8. the-supreme-AI,

i would like this option because it is a very good idea, personally, i don't think pr sends lots of info about us

9. Cristina,

I do not know who suggested to Aminiel to remove it, but it was a bad idea.
I see no threaten if anyone can know when a person was last time online on here.
So, it had no sense to remove it, if this was the reason.
please Aminiel, put this feature back, because |I am very sure that many of us will be very happy to use it.

10. YNWA,

People have used statistics to find people here in the past and you are aware of that Cristina, yes sometimes for good reasons and also for not so good reasons.

11. Cristina,

Come on ynwa, leave that.
All what matters now, is to have it back.
Past is past and it has gone. :D

12. YNWA,

The point is not to get at you to be fair but we still need to protect ourselves, just look at Marina's article for example. Also if you have an opt out system then you should be able to choose what people can and cannot see about you and not just for one piece of info. I know data protection laws keep changing so you have to think of the rights of the individual.

13. Kotoamatsukami,

To protect from what exactly?

14. Nikola,

Yeah, I am still waiting for somebody to say I do not want PR to collect this, that and this but nobody so far said anything concrete. In our statistics, PR collects our username, our registration date and our games played. It also collects some system info like our screen reader and operating system, however that's not displayed in our statistics and is just used for general statistics of the playroom. Nothing there is dangerous and too personal, and every social network collects way, way more information than the Playroom.

15. Ferrumite,

Have hackers already invented a way to retreev someone's location just by the last time connected? On a serious note, playroom seriously doesn't collect many kinds of data. Last I've checked it didn't even ask for your real name, email address doesn't show up anywhere, IP address just for the ban thing witch literally every social network does, not even computer name / account name, nothing of that. So saying how playroom stores much private data is false, if you compare it to other social media sites, and no, I am not just talking about facebook / twitter / what's app, just look at forums, messageboards, etc.

16. Cristina,

For example, I want this feature back, because I need to check and know when my beloved was online last time. :D :D :D

17. Sajad-Aliraqi,

YNWA wants to exceed his post number so give him a chance to have over 700 posts on the forums. That's what he's going for.

18. helleon,

Playroom gives out lots of information about its users? You mustn't be a person who frequents many social media platforms! Give the complainants a "hide my online status this session" checkbox and be done with it.

19. YNWA,

That is an excellent idea!

20. Nikola,

Um, this was mentioned a few posts before too and it wasn't an excellent idea but whatever.

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21. play_romania1,

Agree with that suggestion

22. mhr91358,


23. Mistressbella666,

Yeah I nearly forgot about that feature. Wow that was so long ago, but I agree, please put this feature back. It was cool.

24. Jeff-Rutkowski,

Honestly, if you think adding that stat is bad, you should have seen what kind of information the Zone BBS collected about its users when it existed.
Everything from when and how long people logged in, when they logged off, their login time, everything they said, and even whether or not they changed their profiles with specifics.
The last connected time stat would be welcome in my book because in my opinion, that isn't a lot of info to track within the playroom itself.
FYI, if you feel that strongly about companies collecting information about you, there is an option to delete your account on the playroom's main account page once you log in using the site.
I hate to come off sounding harsh, but this is the age we live in now. It ultimately comes down to a choice between security and convenience and if you choose security, by all means, it's your decision and noone is going to fault you for that.

25. Aminiel,

It's anyway not that useful to put it back; or tell why it would be useful to you with real argumentations other than it's cool.

ABout collecting information in general, keep in mind that the playroom collects extremely vew if you compare to others, and this is because there are no ads ammong other reasons. IF there are no ads, it means that we don't need to collect information about you for targeting, as simple as that.

In fact the only information we keep is your username, your e-mail, some required technical data such as your IP, and of course all what you send yourself. that's all.

26. fire-starter,

for me the argument would be to remove people from your friends list who didn't get on the game in about a certain period of time

27. YNWA,

@Saj your claim of 700 posts were wrong as you failed to take into account my Dalglish7 posts! Good job I did change my username as a Sirdalglish7 username would have meant you would have had to call me sir!

28. Saniel_Morse,

Hello, I think that a valid argument would be that this is not something that should be private by all means and, anyway it is not forced to do so by checking or unchecking a simple checkbox. Also, there are other companies who track and even sell quite a lot of more info that our last connection, then it doesn't affect too much our online platform. It's like asking for someone in the coffee and the lady said something like, the last time we've seen him has been three days ago... to deduct if something's happened or the like; I hope to put it clear.

This suggestion is not mandatory, of course, but I neither see enough conts against the connection lovers. Yes it gives more power to jealousy people or others who love to control everything around, but that's not mandatory. And you can follow the steps from WhatsApp: if you disallow to display your last connection to someone, then you are not allowed see the others' connection. A very fair option from my perspective...

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29. Adventure-Time,

Hmm. Personally I'm perfectly fine with the option being disabled. I wouldn't mind if it appeared back and I could choose whether I wish to share this info or not. But I don't find any useful reason behind it whatsoever.

30. YNWA,

Just a small example shown here, Saj has used the statistics to be critical of me as he was able to find out by checking my stats on how many times I post messages on the forum. If he did not have access to my stats and he is not on my friend's list or a helper/admin then he would not be able to use them in a negative way.

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