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1. Vojvoda,

Hello everyone, maybe this has been suggested already but I am not sure.
What do you think about having an option to add people from your friends list to list of favorite friends. Example is: maybe you want to hear only few people's presence here. Maybe you don't want to be notified when every your friend enters playroom but you want to hear for specific people. If this would be added we also could have possibility to hear if someone from our list of favorites created a game.
For me personally adding this thingy would make things on here much more practical. What are your opinions?

2. LaraStardust,

en, I'm sorry.
That's what a friends list is for.
If you want to not hear someone logging in and out, delete them.
That's just my opinion.

3. Vojvoda,

Definitelly not, I have many people that I like to play with but I don't talk to them much and very often. I am not so much interested to check when they enter but maybe I want to see if they are online to invite them for a game.

4. LaraStardust,

then you have control u, as well as the privacy settings?

5. Vojvoda,

On control u I have to browse though all connected players to see ones I talk to sometimes, and play sometimes.

6. Nikola,

Come on. Does everything on this forum need to have contra arguments which make no sense? You are fine with browsing through the entire ctrl u list to find a few people to play a game with? People who have about 70 friends already get bored of hearing everybody enter and leave, and I will remind you that the limit is 200. So I wanted to suggest a way to disable and enable this for individual friends, but this is an even better idea and is similar to other apps. You can add favorite contacts to your skype, you can add favorite people do the contacts app on your phone and so on. I think it's a cool idea. Or do you think it is better to say, hey I wont accept your request because I do not want to hear you enter and leave? When we disagree on suggestions, we must think how much it will affect you. You do not like it? Then it is very simple, if it ever gets implemented, simply don't add any friends to favorites and you wont use it. Ideally I do recommend making it so that if you have no friends in your favorites, it still reports as it does for now, for all your friends. I can understand disagreeing when it changes the behaviour for you and you have no way of using it the way you did before, but in most suggestions on here this wasn't the case.

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7. YNWA,

You mean you don't like people saying something you disagree with Nikola so you are trying to slam them down as usual. Other people are entitled to their opinion to and guess what? it doesn't have to be the same as you!

8. Nikola,

Alright, forums are for opinions, I get that and would be pretty nice if we did not need to go personal in yet another topic. However, let's just make a quick example here. Somebody suggests an awesome new game or an awesome new feature. Is it a valid argument to say I do not need it or I will not play the game or use the feature? Sure isn't for me. If somebody says, no it is not good to add this because then we will not be able to do x or y, then sure. However, bringing suggestions down with no real reason is just stupid, and has nothing to do with disagreeing with me as guess what? I did not make this suggestion in the first place.

9. LaraStardust,

while I appreciate the personal grudge you two have with each other, please, for the love of everyone else on the forum. go slug it out in a mud pit.

Anyway, point with standing, a favorites list is, by your own defitions, a selective friends list.
Thus, you already have this feature, it's called a friends list, and you just need to be more selective with who you have on it.
I can understand not wanting to be rude, but then, do what I do, pm's are open, invites are blocked.
I have friends on my list, sure, but only a few people.
That way if someone requests you can just say sorry, I want to keep the spam down, but my pm's are open."
The definition of a forum is to create an open environment for people to express their opinions however they see fit[mud pits included]. As such, "I don't like it." while not constructive, is, actually, a very valid point and helps the coders because it shows how popular a suggestion is.
I think, rather than discouraging it, these types of comments should be encouraged, so that the main coders can assess what the players truly want, and what a select 3 people want.
Thank you!

10. Nikola,

No no, maybe you misunderstood the suggestion. Favorites list is not selective friends list, because when you add people to this list, your friends list remains the same, it is just that you would get notifications only about those people. If you are selective with your friends list, that is very nice, but I know many people on here who have lots of friends. Some might not even speak English but play a certain game very well and thus are invited to such games. I see nothing wrong with that, and friends list offers you many benefits. It is much quicker to see if the players you need are online by simply pressing ctrl f and looking for them rather than looking through the online users list for each individual name. Now, having 100 people in a list is much different to having notifications for those 100 people. All this suggestion is asking for is a good filter for those notifications. The ideal way for this isn't to be selective and suddenly change your friends list, but rather a way to customize our notifications the way we want them. I hope this can be understood better. We all use playroom in a different way. Some might prefer having 5 people in their friends list, and some might prefer having 105. Those with 5 people wont even care about this, but those with 105 definitely will.‚

11. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Excellent idea. I agree.

12. The-Queen,

If you do not want to see who logs in and logs out, go to reading and appearance, and change your settings in there.

13. YNWA,

The idea does have some merits but you don't need to change it that much. If you have say 15 friends from your friends list then your favourites would be at the top thus making it easier to find when you first enter. It could be possible to have a different sound from when your favourites enter.

14. Nikola,

Reading and appearance is certainly great and I love it, but for one this changes it globally for all friends, and aso it still displays in the history. As I said, with such a small amount of friends like 15 that isn't a big deal. We're talking about bigger friends list here.

15. Vojvoda,

OK people, why do you disagree with this idea? Will it change anything if you will not even use it? Anyways this would be only additional option for everyone of us and could make things easier. In any way this could not be making anything worse.

16. YNWA,

I meant 15 online out of say 70 or even more although I did not make that part clear.

17. Nikola,

Yeah I think I understand. A different sound would not be bad, but not so necessary as it will take a client update to do that and just make it slower to implement.

18. LaraStardust,

I don't not like the idea.
I merely think that you can already do it, and implementing the feature is not something the coders should be worried with when they can be fixing bugs, making new games, ETC.
Essentially, I'm saving the coders time

19. play_romania1,

I agree with that suggestion, why not?

20. Ilayda,

I agree with that suggestion,.

21. Vojvoda,

I love when players save time of the developer ;) how nice of you

22. Basti,

I love this idea.

23. AmineTrichine,

I know stupidder features that were added before, including using i and shift i to get different kinds of info on 1 k miles. Almost every time someone suggests something the topic turns into a war zone or the suggestion gets rejected by the "Dev doesn't need to waste his oh so precious time on something you could do a billion times harder". How many cool features were turned down because of that specific argument? Man that's getting so so old. A much easier client to customise is always better. No matter what or howlong the dev spends developing something to make things easier I'm pretty sure that the results will be well worth it. this is getting so ridiculous. But then again, this is what discourages people from suggesting things. We all know what some of them think, "Why bother posting this when it's gonna do no more than start a battleship board game on the forum?" I don't care if this particulare feature gets implemented or not, I was stating the most reasonable opinien I could come up with. Not that figuring it out took any effort! Hands down I'm not pointing fingers at anybody in that last statement, but I'm sure you could figure that out. Wait I wasn't doing that in my last one either. Never mind screw this.

24. Aminiel,


This idea doesn't seem to be that bad. At many places and with many present or old social networks, you have options to create groups of contacts or put a very selective list of people into favorites.

However, it will still take some time before you get such a possibility. I need to think on a concept, and first finish playroom 3.0.

25. mhr91358,

sure i agree , and i have another suggestion i will post it surely

26. AmineTrichine,

Now that is more like it!

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27. Vojvoda,

Thank you a lot for your answer Aminiel. And to still normal people.

28. YNWA,

And perhaps have an option where people who have only played you can send a friends request, lol. It was rare this happened now but as time passes it gets beyond a joke!

29. sound2,

I think it's a good idea. As for friend requests, don't get any of those. When I first joined I used to get a lot. Now it's stopped.

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