inable main room chat again

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31. Nikola,

Oh well, that argument could work for the entire chat, including free tables.

32. ethan ,

how could it? Three tables are private. We’re not talking about private chat here are we?

33. jason ,

we are talking about enable main playroom chat again so no you cannot include free table in this topic sorry.

34. ethan ,

yeah exactly

35. the-supreme-AI,

if am sittin in a table, i am listening to table messages to the point when it's spammy as shit at some points, so like, out of topic i know, but what if there was an option to disable the table announcements, so you wouldn't get spammed to hell and back so like, aspecially when the playroom is really busy, so like, that's waht i wana say

36. Nikola,

Just to clarify. Are you talking about messages when somebody creates and leaves games, or chats? If you mean messages for leaving and creating of games, you can do that. If you go to options, then reading and appearance you have a list of elements. The one you want is global messages, so choose customize global messages. From there, set speech reading to never and exit out of options. That will disable those messages, but keep in mind that by doing that, you will also lose notifications when somebody disconnects and reconnects because that is classified as a global message too. You can do the same for chats. You can choose speaking when active, which means that you get the notification when the playroom window has focus, speaking when it is inactive which means you get it when playroom isn't focused, always which will speak it regardless of focus and never which is obvious. You can do the same for playing a sound.

37. Mistressbella666,

I wish there was an option for voice chat on here like in rs games.

38. helleon,

Never will be. Server and programme in general are not built for it.

39. Nikola,

It is mostly the issue that such servers require paying. RS games has ads, the playroom does not.

40. Kotoamatsukami,

To be honest even on RS games noone uses it, almost.

41. supanut2000,

Moreover, from my tests on RS, voice chat doesn't seem to work at all.

42. YNWA,

Voice chat on RS does work well, the old system didn't work and even recieved other people's message instead, lol. The point that everybody doesn't use it is true. If I play at midnight against Americans then I would not want to use it as I would make too much noise. It would be good but is not the most important feature. Have played people hear in the past and have used SKYPE which is much better. You could use teamtalk too but have not done that on hear.

43. AmineTrichine,

Voice chat doesn't require any payment for a server or such, unless if you wanna upgrade the server to get more bandwith&internet speed. It is possible to add yes, saying the server or client aren't build for it doesn't make sense, because if you have the code you can change whatever you want. However, aside from adding more stress and lag to the server there is really no point for it, as you can alternately use skype or team talk for that matter.

44. Nikola,

Well, RSG uses the teamspeak SDK for it which they must pay for. Alternatively, you can code your own implementation but that might take some time.

45. AmineTrichine,

That's doing it the easy way, I never understood why, because coding voice chat isn't that hard to do since there are free means including the python libs etc etc out there. It takes time yes, but it's less expensive. TBH, there is nothing better than something home cooked as they say.

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46. Nikola,

Yeah well as you probably know, playroom isn't in python. It's pretty easy to code a system with voice clips, but voice chat in real time is a different story. Moreover, I am not sure how much bantwith it would generate since the playroom unlike RS has many more users across the world.

47. george,

Yes it is right, but this is a reason for many people to choose rs, so maybe it is a solution, right?

48. Nikola,

People keep saying many people choose RS, but looking at the numbers reveals a completely different thing. In which statistic is RS exactly more popular?

49. george,

Yeah, right. But some people who are on rs are also here. The thing is they go to rs because they can speak here. And those who like rs and are not here like this voice chat, and that's an important reason.
So I don't want to criticize playroom, I like it, but I say that if aminiel introducts the voice cat, it would be great, really great. And, shure the posibility to send, vocal private messages.

50. Kotoamatsukami,

Voice chat is needless

51. AmineTrichine,

voice chat makes no bit of difference, it's not like it's something super ultra mega impressive that people should switch platforms for, unless they are well, let's not cross that line.

52. mhr91358,

evrey one here went out side of the main topic and started to talk about voice chat, i agree with al that we need it, but the main topic says, enable play room chat again, why not

53. Everyone,

I'm pretty sure enough reasons have already been given. Perhaps you should read them again.

54. supanut2000,

I actually agree that we're straying off-topic here.

55. george,

It was only an argument. Finally its aminiel decision.

56. AmineTrichine,

That happens a lot. Usually cause there are no more things to be said about the original post or when someone suggests something either stupid or dumb or intreeging mid conversation people's attention shifts. It's just like when you are in a meeting discussing economical plans for the future and then a meeting member starts talking about changing the price of potatoes.

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