three questions that I have

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1. ethan ,

hey guys I have three questions. First in the poker game sometimes a friend and I will get the same combination but one of us wins the entire pot. Why is this? also in the options menu. Audio and vocal synthesis. It has a screen reader option of automatic jaws window eyes and NVDA. But it doesn’t seem to do anything does it? Also how many tables can you save at once? Thanks. Ethan

2. Nikola,

Hello. Since I do not play poker, I will let somebody else answer that and address your second and third question. In audio settings, the option for screen reader does precisely what it's name suggests, that is switching the screen reader which playroom uses. You might think it does not do anything at first, but let's explain the way this client works so that you can understand it better: You have a menu list, and this list will always be read no matter which screen reader you use. This is because it is a standard windows listbox, and every screen reader reads that. However, playroom uses the screen reader API to read some messages. To summarize it, anything automatically spoken is depending on your screen reader API to work. That is, chat messages, table messages and so on. In most cases, setting this option to automatic is fine and you do not have to worry about it. However, in case of the automatic detection not working as expected, you can try to manually point it to either NVDA or jaws and it might help it. About tables, current limit for saving is 30. After that, you cannot save any table until you delete one.

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