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1. whozitken,

Helllo playroom. today during my wednesday chat on out-of-sight.net when we play a game on QPR, my friend charles had suggested we play chess. I had to explain to him that the only thing that existed for chess was the keystrokes. there is no instructions available. QPR has assumed that since chess is so well known that there is no need for them. this is really too bad because I had taken a look at chess for possible play in the out-of-sight chats for wednesday. is there any tutorial on chess for QPR available. my friend charles says it really can't be learned while playing it.

2. Nikola,

There is a number of online resources for chess rules as well as practising and playing chess. Really, just google chess rules and you will find something your friends can understand.

3. Aminiel,

There is no rule page for chess mainly because it's nearly impossible to summarize everything in a single page. At best I could have written a quick reminder on pieces and their moves but that's all, and anyway as soon as you have the basics you don't need such reminders anymore.

Remember that there are a lot of books entirely dedicated to chess, for all levels from total beginners to world championship. Therefore, I haven't the mood, nor the pretention to write a newby-friendly summary that can fit in a single web page.

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