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1. IndonesianGamer,

Hello! I'm from Indonesia. I'm sorry if my english isn't so good. Any way, hear is a suggestion. Add some back ground music. Thankyou

2. YNWA,

Your message was good but I am not really sure about adding music for all games as it may get boring after a bit and replacing it with your own music can be problematic as it is on RS games.

People can stream their own music here as perhaps you already know or you could just listen to your music as I have done many times via your computer. RS does allow people to select Radio/audio streams at a game, I don't know if that would work here or not. Perhaps with the many languages here it could at least for the start become quite a bit of extra work for Aminiel.

3. Nikola,

There was music before, though a soundtrack which was the same. However, it would be nice in the future to have in options a way to select our track for each game. I assume it's not a huge priority though, and that's understandable. You can always play your background music in a media player.

4. deathdragon,

once, i had entered the playroom and it said something about ajusting the back ground music volume.

5. Aminiel,

Yes, the background music volume is the one used when you stream.

Up to 2012 or so, there was effectively some background music. At that time I wanted to bring some ambiance a little like in audiogames. However, the playroom has evolved since to look more like a social gaming app than like a collection of audiogames. In consequences, music has disappeared and sounds tend to become less invasive. I don't know if that's what everybody really want but very few complained to return in the previous direction.

6. deathdragon,

oh, thanks aminial.

7. Nikola,

I don't really mind music, but some variety of sounds would not be bad. If you don't want it, that's fine. However, in a future client it would be nice to for example separate pm and invitation sounds. Even if it's the same sound, making it 2 files would at least give us the opportunity to customize it if we want. The same thing goes for friend request sound and permanent message sound, which are currently the same.

8. helleon,

I think at some future time it might be nice to have a few sounds here and there, but I don't think it's a priority. Similar with the radio stations - we can stream our own streams/music so I don't see the need for a list of those either. As an aside, I really like it that the playroom can support so many file formats.

9. Saniel_Morse,


I believe that something that might work would be to add a soundtrack folder where you can add your own tracks or similar to play at any moment. It would convert PR into a music player but we literally could play whatever we want even without uploading it first. Obviously the only disadvantage is that not everyone has the same music and ence sharing at once is technically not possible using this method, however it reduces server work as well as adding and updating radio databases. That's just my opinion.

Kind regards.

10. Nikola,

I like that suggestion. That would be more like local database. You could provide local files like mp3, ogg and so on but also provide radio stations in m3u or PLS. Then, you can have a keystroke to open your list, and have an option to play your tracks in a random order.

11. Aminiel,

@Saniel_morse: I'm not going to integrate a full audio player on the playroom. I could recommand my own media player if you like, it is called 6player. It's getting a bit old now (2012) but it still works. Yes, I know, I should renew it.

@Nikola: using the same sound with different pitchs for two or more unrelated events is an early design misstake of the playroom. That's something I wouldd like to address in a future client release, but it's not so simple.

12. Saniel_Morse,

I rexpect your thoughts; fact I got this suggestion from another game (it's not pr related) where it just uses some keystrokes so that it doesn't interfere with the interface. It's like using a casette player, so you don't get those "annoying open file dialogs" if I may say so. Though looking at a new version of your player might be greatly appreciated... :D

13. Nikola,

Hey Aminiel, I know about your player, I saw it on your GiThub, but is there a download rather than compiling it from source? I like the number of shortcuts it offers.

14. YNWA,

I think using the dropbox link works well and I have very little issues playing mp3 music and even a short radio play that lasted for about 15 minutes with no problems.

I don't know if Aminiel has used teamtalk to chat at all or listen to music. There you can play music. You find the file you want to play on your computer, say in your music folder and select a file and just play it. If you come back say a week later you could play the same file. I don't know if you could create a simlar system for the pr as it could give people another option to stream music much more easily.

A tip for people is they can merge music files and play one big file that has say 10 tracks on it with the existing system if they don't want to keep uploading files or looking for tracks while playing.

15. Dayan,

Isn't there any way to make youtube links work also in the audio streams, or soundcloud and so on? I ask this because I have seen (I don't remember where) that it was possible to do, to play directly from those links so it would be cool if here it was somehow possible, that could work well for the playlists, since there are a lot of them created in those sites.

16. Aminiel,

No, there is no way to play YouTube or soundcloud links.

In fact when you play files on these sites, your browser isn't just downloading a file. It is somehow encrypted or require a kind of complicated confirmation that you are really on your browser on the real page showing the video. Some people have cracked it but myself I'm unable to provide such a confirmation.

Additionally I don't know if it isn't considered to be illegal to watch those files outside of the website. Of course because Google wants to throw you targeted ads.

17. Nikola,

Doesn't Youtube have an API you can use? I guess it requires paying but might be worth checking out. Either that, or to avoid cracking algorithms by yourself use an open source implementation like youtube dl which is I believe allowed to be used in external apps. It also should have support for soundcloud and probably a bunch of other sites.

18. Piciok,

You could have a look at youtubeßdl. This is what TwBlue uses, for instance, to play external media.

19. manuelcortez,

YoutubeDL works well, you can get direct URLS to videos as audio files if an audio version has been generated in youtube. Normally it will send contents in webM and Opus, but you can choose other formats. And being a command line app you can bundle it as an external dependency and call it from whatever language.

20. george,

Hi, so I wish to try this player, can anyone send a link, and yeah for me the saunds are good, but I dont mind if we would have background music, who doesnt like it, he or she can stop it i supose.

21. deathdragon,

yeah they could just stop it.

22. YNWA,

With RS there are issues when you stop background music or put it back so that could be an issue.

23. deathdragon,

what kind of issues.

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