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1. austen,

Would love to see an intelectual game like scrabble on here, tile set up like connect 4 with the tiles either blank or flagged with doubles etc. then using 1 through 7 to view or select letters and then placing thim with shift 1 through 7 on selected tiles with enter to finish a word, the only hard thing would be finding a dictionary sight or addon to make sure words are legal, however you could also just make it table approved or not weather or not a word is legal, like a bs check.
Hopefully this could be done at some point!

2. Aminiel,


Scrabble has been already proposed many times.

However, the problem goes much beyond the dictionary. As far as I know, rules are different depending on the language.
For example, in French, O and Ö is the same thing; in German it's two different letters and you can't take the one for the other; again in German, you may consider (I don't know) that Ö and OE is the same thing. In French Ö and OE is for sure something different. In Spanish, some combinations like LL are taken as being another special letter that connot be written as LL.
We have also Russian, and I don't know at all how it goes with cyrillic. And so on...

In fact the dictionary wouldn't be the biggest problem, as you can see. It's probably not a problem to get the official scrabble dictionary of a particular language where scrabble is popular (i.e. French, English, Spanish, Italian, German, etc.), or get a reasonably usable dictionary.

Another thing that make me ask some questions is the fact that the game is in a 2D grid. Many people told me for example for Chess, Connect four and even for battleship, that they weren't able to play the game without having the physical board in front of them.
This makes me believe that many people may not have enough spatial representation abilities to play Scrabble correctly. It's harder than those previously mentioned games, as you must check if you have enough space to put your word in, check that there are crossing words and if they make sense...

By the way, do blind people do crosswords alone, i.e. without sighted help ? In braille it seems to be quite hard, isn't it ?

3. YNWA,

The RNIB (The Royal National Institute for the Blind) do sell a Braille version of Crosswords. I first used it in the late 1980's when it was a brand new product. Maybe it is different now but I will try to describe it to you as it is very interesting.

You had a wooden board that contained 15x15 rubber squares that you place a plastic cube in. The cube is movable (a bit like a Rubics Cube) The plastic cube is divided into a top, middle and bottom section. If you take the top section, that represents dots 1 and 4 using traditional braille, which in English language braille would make a letter C. If dots 1 and 4 were together, the other 3 sides would have either no dots, just dot 1 or just dot 4. If you used just dot one it would be the letter A in English Braille. The Middle section represents 2 and 5 and the bottom section would have dots 3 and 6 meaning you can use cubes to represent any letters you wish to make. Where there are no letters you put in other blocks to represent lines between words. It would take a lot of time as you would use 5 cubes for a 5 lettered word.

I was not that good but it did work, I guess the problem would be if you had a very long Crossword. Maybe it is bigger now but I know it is £100 more now lol.

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4. sound2,

Have never come across a braille crossword before. Sounds interesting. I knew someone who had a physical scrabble set in braille. I found the whole thing confusing. I'm not sure if scrabble would work here though.

5. YNWA,

I am not sure it would work either as people would have to put in their own answer and from experience with the little exam that means less will playe.

Aminiel is correct to point out some people have issues with not having the board physically at their tips of their fingers. As with chess they can play with a board and put in the words/moves that have been played for either game.

6. keyWasFull,

I feel like scrabble is easier than playing chess or connect 4 since you only need to know horizontal and vertical space in relation to the starting square and only have to pay attention to one section of the board at a time, where you want to place your word. You can ignore the rest of the board. In chess and c4 you have to have a full spatial picture of the entire board all the time because a move by one piece may open up lines of attack by a piece far away. This is not the case in scrabble since you have to connect words.

7. slannon,

Just use a grid system like in Battleship. I understand grids and most people should as well. Obtaining a dictionary for each language shouldn't be too difficult. What's the issue then? If it's grids, I don't understand for the reason I listed above.

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