Using the mobile web client with a keyboard

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1. Qais,

I wonder, would it be possible to use the PR's web client on mobile devices via external keyboards normally as if you're using it with a PC? I tend to the fact that it's not possible since the interface could be somehow different for that I guess it shows the mobile
One of my friend stated that you can't apply any of the keyboard shortcuts we know, nor it's possible to browse it like on PC. Another friend however confirmed that it's a normal behavior since that version of the web client is for mobile, so it naturally looks like that. So what do you guys think? Even if shortcuts can't be applied, can we browse it with normal keys like arrows and enter?

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2. Nikola,

Hello. On Android, all the keyboard shortcuts work as expected, so if you have an external keyboard connected it is the closest thing you will get to the Windows client. I have tested this and can confirm it works. On iOS, however, any version past iOS 13 does not allow web applications to use keyboard shortcuts. On iOS 13, this is theoretically possible, but I don't have a keyboard compatible to test with my device to see if it works on the Playroom as well.

3. Qais,

thanks Nikola. Which Android version and browser have you tested this with?

4. Nikola,

I have used Android 9 and Chrome.

5. StormProductions,

Works fine here on Android 10. Brave browser.

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