Potentially game-breaking Monopoly bug

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1. Jeff-Rutkowski,

I was playing Monopoly with three bots and one of them was in jail.
It payed the fifty currency to obtian freedom and as a result, it was bankrupt.
Somehow, the game allowed the bot to roll the dice even after becoming bankrupt, causing it to land on Barcelona.
An exerpt of the log file is below.
Flash gordon rolls the dice: 4 2.
Flash gordon must pay to go out.
Flash gordon pays 50 ¤.
Flash gordon is bankrupt !
Flash gordon advances by 6 squares.

I'm not sure if this is able to be fixed but I'm just attempting to make this problem known to the staff available. I did send the history report to a moderator so if you're wondering what that was all about, here's the forum post for reference..

2. Everyone,

Out of curiosity, what happened after that? could the bot still lose or was it immortal?

3. Jeff-Rutkowski,

The bot lost but the game acted like it was still the bot's turn.
The game didn't allow anything else to happen, even when I kicked the offending bot out of the table.

4. Aminiel,

I'm not sure to understand what happened next. Could you give more details if you can ?

Thank you in advance for giving more precisions, it will help me a lot finding the bug.

5. Jeff-Rutkowski,

As far as I can tell, it was still the bot's turn after it was bankrupt and still able to advance to Barcelona.
Information keys still worked but it wouldn't say whos turn it was after the bot broke the game.

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