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1. Nikola,

Hi all. While this is not a game bug, it is something that should be corrected in order to provide up to date informations for new players. Currently, home page lists 25 games, and we have 30. It is missing the eternal second, Belote, zanzibar, Hearts and quiz party. Somebody new might not necessarily know that rules can be accessed by pressing ctrl f1 from a game, and might think that the rules for the recent games are not available. I hope it can be corrected and that new games can be linked to the home page. The eternal second and quiz have no rule pages, but they can be in the list just like chess or battleship.

2. play_romania1,

Totally agreed with you! But I do not understand why there are only 25 games on the list. Did they forget to check or not have time to correct?

3. Aminiel,

I just completely forgot to update the English page for quite a while. It's fixed now. Thank you !

4. Nikola,

Hm, isn't it 30 including the eternal second or you did not want to include it on purpose?

5. Aminiel,

Yes, I should first write the rules of eternal second.

5 Mensagens, 1 Páginas: 1  ↖ Voltar a lista de tópicos

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