Bug (or translation problems) with some games.

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1. Uzhhhho,

Well, I think that it is not too important but still, we were told to report something if we notice. When trying to start a game of rummy with no players at our tables, it says: "Rami is played with 2 to 8 players", instead of "Rummy is played with 2 to 8 players". Also, on this same game and not sure if some other, when you win, you get a message like: "You are the winner of the hole game !", when it should be "You are the winner of the whole game !".
Now that I am pointing at these mistakes, I am also wondering, let's say that I notice some translation problem at another language, shall it be reported to there? Or is it something that you Aminiel must solve? (Because I have noticed a few problems)
And again not so important, but I have noticed, I guess both in english and french side (I might be wrong and only english), before an exclamation mark there is a space there, and some screen reader don't read it properly, plus I think that's not ok grammatically. As I said, small mistakes, but it's worth to point at anything we notice.


Oh, and at this point I'll only say, feel free to correct my english mistakes. :D

2. Nikola,

Good report. Noticed spaces before punctuation where they should not be too, and most of them are in the Windows client interface. One example of such a case is:
Restore default configuration
Do you really want to restore the default configuration ?
You will lose all your customizations, and this operation is irreversible.
Spaces should not be before a question mark but rather after. In games I currently cannot think of such a case but I think I did see a few of them.

3. YNWA,

I think we have been through this topic several times already and perhaps will do again. I can't speak for other languages but I can a bit on the English side. To correct errors you have to find a team of people who are a) Able and b) have the time to do it. I can tell you that is a very difficult task. Even checking through published material I still find errors that proofreeaders would have gone through several times. The quiz is at a good standard but I know I still make errors. There is a lot of code written over many years so you will find inconsistencies when you look at all the games. Another issue could be the way things are written, people have their own style and could incorporate that into the translation.

Screen readers can be an issue. Mr Hyde with no full stop and Mr. Hyde with the full stop sound differently on Jaws for example.

In terms of you have won the whole game I would remove the word whole because you don't win a percentage of a game.

4. Nikola,

No you do not have to find a team and correct errors yourself, cause I have reported several errors to Aminiel and they have all been fixed very quickly. This is not very similar to quiz even though in your eyes everything is. Plus we are not talking mr with a dot here, we are talking about basic punctuation writing.

5. YNWA,

There is more than punctuation. Warsaw for example should be one of the European cities not Varsovi or whatever it is in Monopoly. Well done on what you have done so far. I say if a job has to be done it has to be done properly and not just papering over the cracks!

6. Nikola,

There sure is more than punctuation. In fact those things reported in rummy are not just punctuation but simple typos that could happen to anybody native or non native. In any case Aminiel did actually say reporting translation errors is always accepted and several times while doing it through the contact page I've got nothing but positive results.

7. YNWA,

As one supermarket chain says every little helps and that's true.

8. Uzhhhho,

Well and the thing that I wanted to report it was on the spanish side, I ask if it had to be asked to Aminiel or a translator from there, because in the scopone mode, instead of saying that you get ten cards it still says that you get three, so not sure it's a translation problem. There are a lot of more mistakes to report, as well as bugs but right now these are the ones that pass through my mind.

9. YNWA,

There is a translation team for the Spanish part so you can report errors to them. From experience reporting of errors for Quiz Party is about 50-50 and other Validators have told me the same. Just because someone reports an error does not mean it is an error but I rather they report it and check it out again. Some things can be personal preferences and even in some english writing there is a very slight gap between some question marks for example. I would not write it that way either. If Aminiel wants I can look at what is written some time next year when Quiz party will be at an acceptable level. You will always find some errors with both due to the huge scale of the project, but I am sure it can be improved on a lot. It is not that bad that we can't play but to improve it would be good.

10. Uzhhhho,

That's why I reported here, because I don't know if it has to be with the translation only or it was something Aminiel should check. Anyway, I still wait for AMINIEL's reply, didn't know he has some assistant already. :D

11. Aminiel,


Thank you for your reports.

For english, I'm doing the translation myself, so you did it right by reporting errors here.
Since I'm alone to make the translations, they are sometimes not as good as they should be. Sorry for that, I know that I must still improve my language level.

For other languages, there are dedicated teams. So in that case, it's better to report errors directly to them instead of posting on the forum.
For example for spanish, you should contact charlie20.

To come back to your question regarding punctuation, in fact, in french, you have to put a space before a question or exclamation mark, while in english you shouldn't.
I perfectly know about it, but of course my native language is french, so I most often automatically instinctively put a space before question and exclamation marks without even thinking about it.
If I notice the error somewhere I will of course fix it, but I don't use a braille display, and as you know screen readers don't care about these spaces. So if I don't proofread I will just pass through and forget about it forever.

Now for the whole instead of hole it's just a stupid typing error. If I see one of them I will fix it. Quite a fun one though, isn't it?

About the why of the presence of that word, that's basicly because I wanted to make a difference between winning the whole - synonyn of entire or complete - game, compared to winning a single game out of a serie of 10.

Of course my english is probably quite bad for native speakers. So if you have ideas for better wording, for this or something else, I'm open to suggestions.

12. Nikola,

Hi Aminiel. Wow, that is quite interesting that spacing of punctuation differs between English and French, I did not realize that. Regarding proofreading, some synthezisers actually do care about that. For example, ESpeak wont make a pause if a simbol is not spaced and capitalised properly. So if you ever used ESpeak, you wont really need a braille display.

13. Uzhhhho,

I don't think that your english is a big problem, even mine is not the best one and I reported this hole and whole, because in other games it actually says whole, but in rummy says hole. About the space before exclamation mark, wow, that's indeed interesting. Didn't think in other language it'd be like that and as I saw it in french too, i thought that it is just normal for you or that you really did some mistake writing it this way.

And thanks, I will try contacting this spanish translator and see if that problem can be solved. Thanks a lot for your reply.

14. Aminiel,

some synthezisers actually do care about that. For example, ESpeak wont make a pause if a simbol is not spaced and capitalised properly. So if you ever used ESpeak, you wont really need a braille display.

ESpeak, in french at least, is just unbearable; this is an horrible voice, almost nobody like it.

15. Everyone,

I think its unbearable in every language, yet there are people who use it. I really don't get that.
I don't really have a problem with the whole game thing because a lot of games are divided into rounds. Technically you don't really win or lose the individual rounds, except with backgammon and ninety-nine and maybe some others. But even where you don't win or lose you can still get more or less points than your opponent, for example in Scopa.

16. Nikola,

It is worse in French than it is in Serbian, at least that is how it sounds to me. In fact, this sounds even worse than English. Just like any synth, it takes some getting used to but it does depend on how it sounds in your language.

17. prince-makusu ,

espeak has been worse before, i'm using it since last year and it's better now

18. Kirin,

I don't know why espeak sounds so strange for me in other languages, I speak german and using espeak in German is a nightmare. But for Serbian I don't think we could have a better option than Espeak. It accents everything almost perfectly. What is good with Espeak in general question and exclamation marks signalising is perfect, pausing after coma too.

19. Sajad-Aliraqi,

All Acapela synthesizers are able to pause after a comma accures. I guess I have plenty of things that make me prefer any other voice over Acapela voices, Espeak is so robotic and if we do a match inbetween ESpeak and Eloquence, Eloquence would take the title.
Eloquence can pronounce things sufficiently enough with betterment above that. If Eloquence can have Serbian or Arabic language it would be so amazing. I guess if we do some dictionary play we would make Eloquence to be able to read Serbian but I am not sure.

20. sound2,

ESpeak sounds terible in english. Extremely robotic as has been said. Yes, I know this is off the topic.

21. Nikola,

I wonder how many variants you guys actually tried? I mean, Max is just fine for me but surely you could find a variant which suits your taste. I am sure the majority just tries the default voice, says oh this is robotic and that's it.

22. Kirin,

Espeak simply has that robotic color of the voice no matters what variant you choose. I remember my first reaction on Espeak, I was like noo what the hell how someone can use this stupid thing but I think we are able to get used on any synthesizer in general. In English Espeak is not that bad but for English I would rather use Eloquence. To be honest I don't want voice which has clear color and sounds like a human, I don't know why but it's simply my taste, plus I am sure noone can hear what I am reading. Acapela is too slow for me, Espeak and Eloquence are two fastest synthezisers probably. And about dictionary good idea but that will never work perfectly with all that pronounciation rules.

23. Everyone,

This is where someone creates a challenge to use Espeak Auntie for a day.

24. YNWA,

Now who is sticking to the topic!

25. ziniur,

One more thing to add here: when in the table is only one person, pressing w it outputs the following: "1 people are sitting at the table: Ziniur. The table master..."; instead it should output: "1 person is sitting at the table: Ziniur. ...".

26. Nikola,

Simply human voices do not have that level of responsiveness or speech rate.

27. Everyone,

And the topic is... what, exactly? As far as I know the initial question has been answered and is no longer relevant.

28. Uzhhhho,

The topic is what we all are following, which came from something Aminiel said actually, so I don't see amyone getting out of the topic. And I cannot stand ESpeak. Neither in my language nor any other one. Can't believe once one of my friends told me that ESpeak's voice is cute, I hoped it was sarcasm but perhaps it wasn't. :D

29. Aminiel,

The error hole=>whole in Rami has been fixed when updating the playroom yesterday evening.

30. Giovani,

I have noticed, that volume is down by default, if I have opened the new QC gameroom.

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