Bug related with account creation

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1. Dayan,


Actually I am not really sure how this bug works, since I haven't put it to work, but when I go to the general statistics, a lot of times I see accounts created recently and I see their names a lot of times, I mean, as if that person would've deleted and created the account again, and I doubt this is actually happening, I mean, I doubt they keep deleting their accounts to create them again.
For what I have seen, it occurs when there is a space after the username, because a lot of times I see the account created with a space there, and a lot of times they don't have it, so for what I am guessing it can be happening due that space on the username, probably e-mail or even password.
This may not be a main bug, except for the fact that those accounts have their stats reset everytime they are created (as they are new of course) and it makes the general stats to be uncertain, since a lot of the accounts created have the same name, so if it says that 100 accounts have been registered this week, it could be only, let's say, 25, since one or a lot of them were registered since long time ago or they have the same name.

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