the special chat commands on the free table

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1. danielmusic,

hi, can you please tell me the special chat commands in the free table, what they are? a friend told me, but i forgot. i tried /2c for flip 2 coins and it didn't work
Hope you can help me

2. AmineTrichine,

/rolls to turn dice rolls on, /number followed by c to toss coins, /number d number to roll dice.

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3. Giovani,

It looks, like It doesn't work. I tested It.

4. AmineTrichine,

Yeah, it won't if you use spaces, so don't, the whole thing is one word.
sorry, it's a /number followed by a c. My bad. haha. Apologies

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5. Giovani,

But, I type:
/5C and It doesn't work. I don't know, why.

6. Dayan ,

Do not use cap letters. That way it may work.

7. AmineTrichine,

I don't remember me writing them capital in my post. Sorry if I did. Either way thanks for clerifying that.

8. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Yeah, Giovani you must not use capital letters in that case. I have tried it and it would not work if capitalized!

9. Giovani,

Ofcourse, I have tried It and It works. Also, I have informed about It the amine. Ofcourse, It was My misstake, not Amine. I am very sorry.

10. Minionslayer,

you need to slash rolls to turn both dice and coins on

11. bloodsharp,

yes you doo

12. Minionslayer,

wow! my wording of my previous post is, questionable

13. Muhammad_Hajjar,

Note that you can toss up to 9 coins and 9 dice, from 2 to 999 faces for each dice. For dice, the number before the letter D is for the number of dice you're wanting to roll, while the one after the letter D should indicate the number of faces each dice will be containing (you'll end up with irregular shapes if you tried imagining that lol), doesn't sound realistic at all, however we could have fun with that. I.E. if we wanna roll a regular 5 dice (of course with 6 faces) then we type /5d6.

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