French tarot rounds

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1. Sevrior,

Hi all:
Here are the postings for the upcoming French Tarot tournament.
Message me if there are any issues with these.
Friday, september 1:
Match 1: 3 pm UK time
Angelina-princess, Everyone, Catalin and me-me.

Friday, September 1:
4 PM UK time:
Alesia, Romania2017, Sevrior Ynwa.

Sunday, September 3:
7 PM UK time:
Policeman1, Marina7, Taper, Aurel.

The fourth match will be:
Guliwer, Snowflake, fawaz, Badgirl.
Time undetermined.

Semi-finals and finals:
Sunday, September 10

Right, let's keep this simple. Games will be played without a score limit. The person who first reaches 400 points advances. If at this time the next two players are tied in score, the game will continue until there is a second place winner for each match. If there is already a person with a second highest score when 400 points are first reached, then that person as well as the winner of the game will advance. We will be using the tournament bet rule.
Let's all endeavor to be on time and keep things running smoothly.

Get practicing, people!

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