about an offensive id here!

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1. tiny,

there's an offensive id here, called sexy.peach1. i've reported so many times they should ban this id specially because it's offensive for many people here and, who are under age of 18. but they don't ban this id. they offen say somethings like somebody isn't online. but if they created this room they should have at least one person online to do this. but now i have right to think they don't ban this id deliberately. also they don't need ban such id's Temporary, they must and must ban, totally. but another strange thing, it's interesting. they make a Threat on me that they maybe bann me. see what they said to me. Operators' answer: Your way is very disrespectful, you're not the one who tell us what to do and what not to do. And remember that we are not here 24/7 and that is why reports are created for, if you have an issue with the person you can report, and first of all block, then we'll take the appropriate according to us. I warn you if you don't stop your disrespectful way, you risk to get banned.

2. Nikola,

Well, they didn't say anything bad to you so you complain. They told you to block the person, and everybody can do that. I wish people stopped saying ban this user or that user. 95 percent of the issues you can solve by yourself by blocking, other 5 are extreme cases of multiple accounts. Remember always that this is a free platform, everybody does this in their free time and don't demand things.

3. tiny,

sure we can block. but, always when we're not at the game we are hering, sexy.peach1 has just created.... or has left.. and also those people that they are under age of 18 will here this offensive word. just because of that i'm insisting that they must ban those id's

4. Nikola,

Sure, i'm not saying that this user whoever it is should not be at least warned and asked to change the nickname before banning, but I am just saying that you didn't sound quite polite. Besides, bringing this to the forum wont make it get more attention from helpers or admins.

5. YNWA,

Sexy Peach 1, Orange or what ever fruit is not really offensive. I have seen much worse. Yes we need more helpers but I can't see that happen for a while but even then you can't cover 24 hours a day. For once I do agree with Nikola the best thing to do is block that person and if they really bother you by creating multiple accounts then you would require further action being taken. You said you don't want to hear that person's name. Fortunately you can do something about that too, you can change your settings so you don't hear people when you are ither in the main room or wating to create a game. I decided to do that when I put in questions for the quiz as you could not start a game on your own.

6. Nikola,

True, and if you don't know how to do it, here are the instructions: Press f 10 to open options. In there, go to reading and appearance. Choose customize global messages, and set speech reading to never. The only downside is that for some reason people disconnecting and reconnecting are also global messages, so you'll miss that in tables. It will be in the history, but not auto-read.

7. tiny,

@ynwa your trying to Clear the issue. i know we have that setting. but i said many people that they are under age of 18 must not here such words. also it's obvious that we want to here, or check global messages for joining another game certainly. because of that we don't have a way to not here those quite offensive words of those id's. some people feels so much bad when they here it. it's because of diffrince of cultures. and nicola i've reported so politely so many times and i'm totally sure that they was online to see one of these reports at least. even they responded to me before, so if they wanted to solve this problem this would be Fixed untill now. so still i think they really don't want to do the right task sometimes deliberately for any reason that i don't know and don't want to know. i know they won't do the correct thing again, so i've decided to bring it here and share with people just for letting them to read and think about this problem. we must have a filter and mechanism about creating these offensive id's. i also said the same thing when the main room chat's opened. many people wrote so offensive words such as f**. however i think we must don't let all offensive things here, In any form and anyway

8. Nikola,

Oh well, you know they wont do it for some reason but don't know which one. It doesn't just work like that. You say to them ban x and x is gone from playroom. This is actually not as big of an issue as is presented here. As you said it's here for months and noone under 18 complained. I wouldn't be so exclussive that people under 18 shouldn't hear about words such as sexy, though that's discutable and is against the rules so let's not go over that here.

9. PowerBank,

i agree with tiny.
as well as we have diffrent means for some words like sex or sexy or somethings like that. for example even f*** is common sometimes but it's really offensive

10. tiny,

@nicola i think those people have some important rights and we must safeguarding those. but you say we have to wait for some complains to observe the rules! but i think we are bound to follow those rules.

11. Everyone,

Let me try and salvage what I can from this topic and try to turn it into a useful suggestion. If I understand correctly, if you block somebody then you still see them creating, joining and leaving tables. It would be nice if, even if you had the global messages enabled, you no longer see the activity of blocked people. I actually thought this already worked like this, but since many on this topic have agreed that this doesn't seem to be the case, I thought I'd just suggest it here.
Not sure how easy it would be to change the code, but this would help with both offensive names, and names which can crash screen readers as we have seen in the past.

12. Nikola,

Sure, agree with that one although it might be a bit harder to do. I had an even better suggestion for the whole reading and appearance system, and that is to have a way to turn things on and off for individual users.

13. Sajad-Aliraqi,

So I don't know how that word is offensive, sex is just a part of every human being and let me give you an example:
Let's say Nikola is Serbian and I am Iraqi, do I have to get angry if Nikola changed his nickname to SerbianPerson, just because I am an Iraqi person? Of course not. That's the way it works with that ID, they are free to put whatever as long as they do not break the rules by any mean.
Operators didn't have to be so aggressive that way, they are also normal people but those comments make them look like they are presidents.
The problem is you are so limited to opine, you might get banned. But whatever will happen I just said this

14. Nikola,

I don't know where did these comments like i will probably get banned came from. I didn't hear of a lot of people being banned for expressing their opinions on the forum, and the most that can happen is you getting banned from forums, though that's usually cause of spam.

15. tiny,

sex is also an act... you know better than me that's why i think it's offensive. so still i think we must have a filter mechanism, for example in room such words must get filter and not appear at least. but completely disappear. it means room must hide this id completely from appearance. even when we press ctrl shift w for see the people for invite or any purpose

16. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Nikola you very much know the fact but I will better not get into it. It's not a day of repeating myself

17. Nikola,

No, i don't. I know what you're thinking of, but that's not related to the forums and that was my point. In any case, no need to get out of topic now.

18. sound2,

Personally I find nothing wrong with that username. Under age users will find out about sexual things without the help of the playroom either from their friends or other places on the net. As long as they are edjucated correctly, that should be fine. And if the user hasn't been anoying anyone then I'd ignore the username. I've seen worse free tables. Anyway, that's my opinion.

19. tiny,

yes they may find in other places but this not means we have a License to preparing another place that may cause they fall in those things. and in this case, sexy peach brings some adult things for them

20. Sevrior,

The word sexy is being deemed offensive?
Why are we even discussing this.


I find the word monster offensive! It brings up scary memories from when I was a child of the monster that lived under my bed. Please, let's ban all users with the word monster in their name!

Seriously people. Grow up.

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21. Sajad-Aliraqi,

The issue is cultural, Sevrior.
Tiny has a point in what he posted but it is just cultural

22. Sevrior,

Right then. Clearly satire doesn't work.

No, he does not have a point. Culture is fine. Culture is great. However, this is a multicultural platform. Contrary to what some people seem to think, that does not mean that every single value of every single culture is going to be upheld. It means that the platform will strive to agree on a set of general principles that apply to all cultures equally.

His argument is absurd, due to the fact that it presumes his cultural values are more important than all others, and that a platform wide ban would be fair and just. Consider that the person who's user name this belongs to is likely from an entirely different cultural background, and a ban on this name, or indeed a filtering, is equivalent to cultural prejudice, persecution and targeting.
Now I'm aware that is not the point or goal here. However, the fact that we are even engaging in this conversation implies that someone is missing a key point of what it means to have a globalized platform. The conversation should have ended at: "No. Block them." There should be no defending of an effort to sensor this platform just because someone's sensibilities are offended, particularly when those sensibilities are contingent upon a minority set of ethics.

Case in point, my previous post was indeed sensored for profanity automatically. This place is already as clean as it needs to be, and attempting to place arbitrary limitations beyond what are already in place is not only foolish, but also highly destructive.

TLDR: there is a reason the mods have not responded to this, or acted on this. People need to learn to take life a bit less seriously, stop worrying about every other person on the bleeding planet and get on with their own lives.

23. PowerBank,

aa sevrior, in your opinion po** or bo** or somethings like these would not be offensive! or if we face an offensive text, it will be ridiculous for you face a warn like that
This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,
tiny is right. sex isn't offensive but sexy peach brings some adult belongings. i think that user would like to create an id such sexy bit** if he could

24. Sevrior,

I have no idea what bo*** or po*** are supposed to mean.
I also think it's an absurd extrapolation to assume that someone calling themselves sexy_peach would want to "upgrade" the name to something with explicit profanity in it. You are drawing connections where none exist. Furthermore, such content is not explicit, adult specific or any other such ridiculous thing. I hazzard a guess that any casual browse through a facebook newsfeed, a google search or a popular news site will return far more explicit and sexually provocative material.

Who. Cares.

25. PowerBank,

i can't type the whole words. parents can control their children, with controling websites or in other ways. it's really not good for kids that they be face with any adult belongings untill they reach into proper age. so i would say, maybe they try to get before but it isn't fair and i think you will accept it

26. Sevrior,

I'm afraid I won't accept that, no. The word sexy is not adult content. It is a word.
Not a story, not a video, not a picture. A word, denoting very,very little.

27. YNWA,

It is clear if you think things are that bad don't play in the playroom. Personally most of the time most people are no problem and if they are I just won't play them. I have been critical of Helpers in the past but I have to say this time they are correct. If you keep on reporting trivial matters it will mean they will have less time on doing the work that matters. Aminiel said that we need more helpers for the English side and I have seen no adds looking for more.

28. Ferrumite,

well, that depends. On one hand no pornography is said in the rules, Is sexy really porn? Or is it perfectly ok? While I do on one hand agree with tiny that this person should at least be politly asked to change his nick, while on the other hand constantly alerting admins/helpers with f4 is quite demanding. Helpers need to worry about menny other things then abusive usernames and the like.

29. tiny,

it's just a word right. but you know children are curious. i and power said maybe they try it however we must try to do the best, and that is preparing a nice space for them. these aren't good speeches that if they don't like they have to not play here

30. jotes,

This is probably me, I'm probably stupid, call me how you wish... But how can you call sex an offensive word? you said that sex could be an offensive word. so basically if 2 people are acting, they're offending each other? plus, I don't really know what to say about the thing that young people shouldn't hear those words. Uhm...

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