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1. tiny,

how we can play the games with our web browser with our computer?
please don't say why do you want to play such i know we have software there are some reasons. so if you know how we can do it let me to know.
thank you!

2. bloodsharp,

just go to the website and select play and connect

3. tiny,

i select play but i can just see chat history cleare... i can't create games actually i can do nothing! my browser is firefox

4. Nikola,

You should be able to see everything. It works on here.

5. Maldalain,

What is your operating system? What is your browser? Do you have JAVA installed and enabled on your system? We need all these pieces of info to help you more.

6. Saniel_Morse,

I'm not pretty sure about if the client requires JAVA for an optimal workaround (I think it makes use of HTML5). Also if you use NVDA, you can press Insert+Spacebar to enable/disable the exploration mode or alternatively, press Insert+Z to produce a similar option in JAWS.
Kind regards.

7. Maldalain,

Well, when I use my mac to play on the web client I need to enable Java, normally I disable it. If it is disabled, nothing appears on the screen except two or three unlabelled buttons and a chat edit box.

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