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1. the-raven ,

So I reached a point where it is no longer possible to use skype 7 and I am forced to upgrate to skype 8. I use jaws 14 and I am therefore not able to use the jaws scripts, as that requires jaws 17, and I am not able to upgrate my jaws. Therefore, I have a question about how to use skype 8. How do you get to read through a chat history? Whenever I click on one, I can do everything but reading through old messages, which, of course, is essential if you want to use skype. Is there a method for solving the problem? Thank you in advance, Nina.

2. Nikola,

Hi. Try to do the following: Open a chat which you want to read. By default, it should focus you to the edit field for writing a new message. Turn off virtual cursor if it is not already off with insert plus z. At this point, you should be able to shift plus tab 2 times to either a button called more options or something similar depending on the conversation. After this, you can use up and down arrow keys and the chats should speak normally. Alternatively, what you can also do is keep the virtual cursor on and when you open a chat use the quick navigation keys for jumping between landmarks (not sure which one it is in jaws, but perhaps same as in NVDA which would be d and shift plus d) and landmarks in Skype 8 are messages in a chat. Hope you can do this successfully as your version of jaws is a bit outdated so you might have difficulties using some newer apps, but I understand the costs for ubgrades.

3. the-raven ,

I'm afraid I couldnt get it to work. I guess my jaws is far too old to work with such new programmes :-) But thank you for your help, I really appreciate it :)

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