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1. Mazdak ,

Hi. can anyone please explain me more about the ontoys game? how that works? is that similar to the playroom and why it has 64 and 32 bit versions separately? All games I've ever seen were compatible with both of the windows types. and when registering, how to fill the birthday field? can anyone please give me some info about this game? thanks.

2. Nikola,

Obviously both versions will have the same games, in fact you can use the 32 bit version on a 64 bit system, but obviously not vice versa. Generally you should use the 64 bit version if your system supports it. About the birthday, just type or in a more literal example, 15.01.1984

3. tiny,

i found that quite ridiculous, it seems collect so many unneeded and unnecessary information. there for i just didn't trust it even buy saying we won't share these information. so i actually deleted that one. glad that registering here is easier and more important point, trustable. hope here we could have some of the funny games which they have there too!

4. The-Queen,

I have a registration in Ontoys, but I also don't see the point of having your birthday provided to them, as well as stuff like social media. That sounds ridiculous. I didn't even enter my real birthday as far as I remember. Plus, that's not a popular format to use for birthday as far as I know, their games are also very confusing to me. I like that platform more so I stick around here and RS.

5. tiny,

yeah we can enter wrong information. but well, as you and me said it's quite ridiculous

6. Vojvoda ,

The platform is improving and it's not only a gaming platform, you are registering at Tiflo space inorder to play ontoys, which is their gaming platform, tiflo space is a social network. It's the same if you would ask why do I have to enter all that stuff on facebook if I want to play facebook's texas holdem.
Hope I answered your questions.

7. tiny,

hmm. thanks. however independent server for ontoys was too much better than that.

8. Vojvoda ,

Why? Because you just have to enter few infos more? Come on lazy asses, half of the informations are optional anyways. Don't act as you would work for CIA or something, noone is going to kill ya if you enter your birthday, you only get gifts on that day, and you even can choose whether you want it to be displayed or not.

9. Nikola,

Damn, how can they ask for your birthday? How can they also add an option to not make all that info public?

10. tiny,

the problem is, i can't trust russia like the us or too many other counrries. lol. but also as i said i can enter wrong information, i hate doing unneeded things whether it's optional or whatever. but i think conversely, most of those unneeded things are not optional.

11. Vojvoda ,

Guy are you serious, you can not trust Russia because of birthday date

12. tiny,

the whole thing, not just that. i didn't talk about just birthday. i should select my country, give my mobile number,...

13. Vojvoda ,

They're gonna kill you tonight evening make sure you lock your door. Actually you have much more reasons to trust Ontoys than let's say playroom. read the whole documentation of tiflo space and you will see, theoretically you could be sued for anything what breaks rules on ontoys.

14. tiny,

that's your thought. what they wrote isn't necessarily true.

15. Nikola,

You are not making an account on the Russian government site to not trust Russia. If you don't want to register, simply don't. You give your phone number, your location as well as your birthday to any social network like somebody already said. It is displayed on your profile for other users to find you, and if you are not trusting that then maybe social networks are not for you. I can trust a blind individual developing a website more than Facebook, but it's a personal preference after all.

16. tiny,

no i didn't. i can trust something like google more than that.

17. Vojvoda ,

Makes sense

18. The-Queen,

Well, I see no reasons to argue here, because all they get from your birthday can be a bit dangerous. If you go and read the policies of Google for example, you will know that they use that for personal adds! Is that good? No, that's why, wrong info entering exists. You don't have to show yourself on the internet if you don't want. In one way or another, internet will still find out what you like and dislike. Someone once said: "The more we search and go to websites, register, play games, the more we get tangled in the internet web. Web, is the same thing as network, both are synonyms, just network is to be more technological, although website is the same thing, it literally means sites of webs or networks. So the more you search, browse and register into the internet web community, you get tangled, like in a spider web. Simple, yet not that much.

19. Nikola,

We are not talking about Web and networks, but social networks which Google is especially if you use Gmail or Youtube. Technically, privacy does not exist unless you try really hard. However, Web and privacy is not the point of this topic, if you want register, if you don't, simply play offline since the client allows you to do that just fine.

20. The-Queen,

Eh, since we were talking about what info is ok and not ok to share and Google it's all in that network of web things lol. But yeah, I see your point. I don't know much bout that client.

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