alter aeon account sell

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1. wolfi,

hey if any of you guys plays alter aeon and wants to buy an account with 2 high level characters and a mid character for a reasonable price please send me a mudmail on alter, my char name is #####

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2. DarthSidious ,

Thought advertising was not allowed...

3. Lemonade,

I think that's correct.

4. Vojvoda ,

Ehm, maybe we could close one ear and say it's OK, he's selling an account for a random game. It's not some online business company, product or such. Many people were advertising their YT channels, web pages etc

5. Aminiel,

Additionnally to the fact that that kind of announcement isn't allowed on the playroom, I'm not sure that Alter Aeon would support such a practice.

It is usually perfectly allowed to give up your account to someone else if you don't want to continue playing.
However, as far as I know, many RPG disallow doing it for money. It encourages character farming/leveling for resell, as well as a certain form of black market.

Alter Aeon is of course far from generating millions of dollars, but given that it is a totally free game, I'm pretty sure that they don't want this.

So, this topic is now closed.

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