playroom: please, stop this nonsence!

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1. Rory101,

Edited by moderators to filter bad language.
Warning, mad post ahead!

you know what? damn it. I had this really long post but whatever.
I'll leave you with this little tldr of it all.
I am so mad! At people, who the only reason they create free tables, so they can ask your name, gender, et cetera.
1: weiiiird
2: Hey yo! I would totally want to go out with a freaky blind guy who immediately starts asking information about me! You wanna come over on a plane so we can hook up? Well, no, I think all the female play room players would think quite the opposite, actually.
So take that into mind, uluhan, and whoever else does this!

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2. Fawaz,

I mean may be few people do this, what that has to do with playroom though?
Same people can be doing the same anywhere, private msg on forums, facebook or onn whatsapp groups etc,
or here with pms without free table, or anywhere else, that is how certain person is,
if you don't like to share, ignore the question, if didn't work leave the table, block the person, avoid that person at all and i am sure all others will be avoiding such people as well most likely.
and you can find plenty other tables where people hangout and such, you don't have to answer all questions you get.
if really something abusing came up, report it with f9.
good luck.

3. Rory101,

not abusing to me.
Actually, I modulated my voice afterwards and called myself aurora lily, which would have been my name if I was a girl. I am a semiprofessional sound editor, and will soon start doing it for money, and through skype, well. Hahahahaha! It worked great! That probs scared at least one person out of doing things like this.
But yeah, basically this is just me getting mad at people who did it and telling them not to. I admit I overreacted a little bit, but for some reason at the time it just really ticked me off.

4. delmar-barry,

That's why the blocking feature exists. Make your free table private and invite the people you want to talk with, and that's it. I use free tables mainly as a main room, because even if I'm away, I still see my messages and they aren't behind that huge wall of text coming from the original main room. But if someone wants to talk to me then they write a private message or send me a friend request and it's the sasiest to sort it out that way.

5. cornflakes,

oh wow! identity crisis!

6. Mmarina,

While I understand your frustration, Rory101, but it is still not ok to use bad language here. you could have done these very simple replacements I have edited for you. Please understand that you're posting in a public place that may have minors or people who get offended.
In fact, I have personally blocked the said player for the exact same reasons, before I even become a helper. This is not related to playroom, it happens everywhere. but instead of writing such a thing, you could have wrote a more constructive post. Although I still think weird people will continue to be weird but maybe 1 or more matures. More importantly, the right way to go about this is sending us the history report through f9 and blocking the offensive player. When they find themselves blocked by everyone hopefully they might change.

7. delmar-barry,

Edited? Where's free speech, anyway?

8. Nikola,

In the United states of america.
Free speech does not mean you can say whatever you want. Before signing up, you agree to a rule which says, "no insults."

9. Mmarina,

Moreover, my edition was very clear, it said "edited for bad language". It does not mean the content of the message was changed by any means. It just means insults were just replaced. Rory can confirm that. I know very well the only 2 words I edited. I do not see where is the limit of freedom here.

10. delmar-barry,

Of course I understand, it's just absolutely weird to me.

11. Mmarina,

If you consider freedom to be insults then I am sorry, I cannot do anything in this case and you can also consider that we do not welcome your own definition of freedom here.

12. delmar-barry,

Freedom isn't only insults. Freedom of speech consists anything that a person can say. Of course, I'm not saying that insulting and using bad words should be allowed, I'm just telling that editing might not be the way of handling this kind of stuff. Warning someone is much better, but editing and filtering their speech already goes into a limiting territory.

13. cornflakes,

some people just don't get the dif between freedom of speech and useing words to insult just for the meaning of insulting. Erlyer on in this topic I said identity crisis to what Rorry was doing because he was simpley catfishing, and that is rong, for example, and i've seen how catfishing can mess with people. Even people who are not doing any of what Rorry said was done to him and its rong that he's pretending he's another gender especially in todays generation when non binary people are trying to find there true identitys and things like what he said he did contributes to the stigma of being a gender your not at birth. all that to say, pointing things out, vs insulting just to get a kick out of insulting and calling it freedom of speech is not cool.

14. delmar-barry,

I never said insulting means freedom of speech. I just mean that if admins edit your posts just because they can, they take away your freedom of speech. At this time, of course, it was necessary, but they could tell OP that he has been warned and let him use more nice words in the future. The forum won't look more nice from an outsider's point of view if several posts are edited, to tell the outsider that you don't tolerate insults here. Which, is totally fine, and I agree with the decision. I'm a moderator on a much smaller site called elten. Most of my mates who have the same kind of work, usually delete topics instead of closing them, but I usually tell them, history often likes repeating itself, and if we wipe everything out as it didn't exist at all, more and more people will do the same stuff, which will be deleted, again. So, returning to this topic, in this case, editing was totally fine, but how could we be sure about if others' posts weren't edited just because why not, and we see them only after they have been edited? See, that's why it's fishy. Writing "edited by moderators" is the normal and accepted way of editing, and to say it again, it's clear and not offensive at all.

15. Nikola,

You will always know if a message has been edited by moderators. Please look at Rori's post, and you will see that below the post, it says,
Latest edition by marina7, 07.10.2020 16:53:46
This is automatic and can't be removed, as far as I am aware, so no moderator can just secretly go and edit posts without anybody knowing. In addition to that, so far, I have not seen a single post being edited without an explanation about this fact being posted as well, so you don't even have to look for that.

Última edição por Nikola, 07.10.2020 21:17:40

16. cornflakes,

yeah and she did give a reason for editing. so no, she is not taking anyones freedom of speech

17. delmar-barry,

Nikola, what about those people who check the forum directly from the client itself?

18. Nikola,

Nothing. If you think a message was edited, you should not be lazy to activate the item called open on the web in that same client and check yourself. You don't need to check each and every message for no reason, after all, there needs to be a mutual trust on both sides, moderators and players. You have all the needed transparency to check whether a message is edited if that's what you want to do. Besides, there is nothing helpers can do about the fact the forum is slightly less functional on the Windows client.

19. cornflakes,

a +1 to the post before mine. really. Couldn't have said it better myself.

20. jackson95,

Yeah, it was definitely necessary this time. Rory was using bad language, and it wasn’t really for much of a reason. I mean, people just want to find out more about you. I have dealt with Rory causing drama before, but it was on a different source.

21. StormProductions,

You know what's interesting in here? People going from the original subject of this topic to marina7, which in their opinion, takes the freedom of speech by editing a post which contained insults,which are not allowed on this platform. Great subject switching, nothing to say in here lmao.

22. YNWA,

This kind of topic has been posted before. Personally it should have been removed as it identifies players plus the bad language. The best thing is for players to report these incidents to helpers and then they should take action. Blocking them is fine but only works to a point as they can just delete their account and become a nuisance to the same players or find other people to annoy. It is not a good idea to keep name and shame lists as it will only bring trouble in the long run. When there is bad language words should be replaced with ***, ... or just have the words removed and leave it at that. Replacing words can come with its own problems as it could change contexts or meaning and I believe a helper should not get involved with that for their own protection. Marina used some bad language as an example and only blocking some of the letters was pointless as it was not difficult to work out what was said. People do have the right to free speach but have to stay within the rules.

23. Cristina ,

Oh, again the forum was confused with the kindergarten.
Come on Rory, instead of being angry at those who did not treat you like you wanted, better take a deep breath and put a smile on your face.
It works, believe me...

24. cornflakes,

yeah. i was going to comment on the public shameing he tryed to do, but i might be called uncultured or something. and a small subset of people on qc just want to start drama for the sake of starting it. like this hole thing of the mods blocking freedom of speech. its always oh, the mods don't do crap, or omg! the mods, or certin mods are to strickt and don't know how to have fun and block freedom of speech. Iether they do to much or to little and no one is ever satisfied.

25. sodanisavit01,

this is right, these people have no controll on themselves, what they speak and where.

26. Rory101,

Ewhwhw it's cringe time and it's barely a month since I posted this, ewhwhwhw

27. The-Chaos,

please don't revive old threads, thank you. there should be a rule against thread necromancy here as well.

28. cornflakes,

you kinda re-revived it didn't you? darn it, i kinda just did also

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