Significance of a White Cane.

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1. MagicalKrrish,

Hey Guys since we will be celebrating International white cane day on 15th of October. I m just putting this topic up to find out how much a white cane mean to individual users? If you can share your experiences on using white cane.

2. unolover,

i love yousing it i have a folding cane

3. MuhammadHajjar,

While white canes are rarely used here in an environment that contains many people who always lend a helping hand, in my opinion white canes are very important for the independent blind. From my experience, when I'm alone, I rely on it greatly. It gives me self-confidence, either to help me navigate and track obstacles and/or objects, or to give me a clear appearance to the public as a blind person, which requires them to act accordingly. I usually use a white folding cane tipped with a smooth roller and this is what I prefer over others in most of my travels, and when I'm in grassy or muddy areas, I tend to use a wooden bar and it doesn't have to be a white cane in itself, the important thing is that it works and meets its purpose. In short, it's very important to me when I'm alone or have to carry out some tasks without having to assign somebody to help.

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