New games on pr

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1. Mistressbella666,

.Hello pr staff. I was wondering when there will be new games added since there hasn't been an update n pr for almost a year? I think yall shold add cards against humanity or apples to apples or both.

2. YNWA,

This has already been answered. Cards against humanity is a no-go as it is an over 18 game. Aminiel does Like Apples to Apples but it is not really a game that could be translated in its existing form into other languages. I know there is an English and Spanish version but not sure of others. I do have an idea of a compromise of the 2 versions that I will try to make one day when I have time. Maybe I will have to cut out some of the jokes or something like that, but I am sure something could be made that people will still enjoy playing.

3. mhr91358,

i agree if we created games by hour selves and didn't take from other sides, just ideas in hour own

4. Kotoamatsukami,

Aminiel is making the new client

5. Mistressbella666,

Wonder when that will come out

6. supanut2000,

Same here

7. CathyAnne,

The new client! What! There has already been a lot of clients. I am astounded and amazed.

8. YNWA,

maybe there will be a new game with the release of the new client but who knows. Farkel came with the last one.

9. CathyAnne,

I didn't mean to sound dumb or stupid. i seriously didn't know there was going to be another client. Oh, and on Monopoly, creating and playing our own boards should be added to the game also.

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