Quentin C playroom VS RS Games

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1. Nikola,

Hi all. So, the inspiration for this topic came from the following blog post which you can read if you wish: http://blog.blackscreengaming.com/audio-games/qc-verses-rs-games/11/24/2017/
Here, let's share what we like about both clients, but let's be constructive and not just say things like RS sucks. I will start.
Playroom: Obviously, as I write this here I spend much more time on the playroom than RS Games. The things i like about it the most are that Aminiel really knows how to design an interface unlike RS people EG. Using standard Windows controls which wont be inconsistent and also have the advantage of making sighted people able to play QC as well, while RS doesn't even have an UI and speaks everything through the screen reader or SAPI. Also in my opinion, the games are much better as we don't have 5 different versions of the same game which required only slight code changes to work, and while sometimes Aminiel might seem like he refuses lots of things, he does it for exactly this reason.
Things I don't like about it. Now, I already had to think about this for a long time as I couldn't really find anything that makes my experience really annoying, and perhaps it's because of exactly this forum where you can share your ideas and talk to the developers. Not saying you can't on RS, but things do get implemented very quickly over here. An example is that a feature RS introduced a month ago is that in the friends list, online friends are at the top. Also they've just made it so only masters can kick players. I guess the only disadvantages are small communication issues with players, though if we keep in mind this platform was originally supposed to be in French then that can be understandable as well.
Now, let's go on to RS:
Things I like about it are sounds. RS has spend some good time in designing the sounds for the client, and they have some great things which i'd love on playroom. A few examples include sounds in farkle when someone beats your score, monopoly having different sounds for landing on properties and so on. I also like the fact statistics are directly in the client and you get a notification at the end of the game which win it was for you, and you can also view the stats from the client.
Disadvantages are terrible server. The server really isn't optimised and uno with interceptions would never work there. The interface is also the one which I don't like, making everything go directly through screen reader.
So to conclude at the end both have their advantages and it's everyone's personal choice, but the numbers really show for themselves. Look at this: Playroom:
•158 simultaneous connections in Français, reached on Sep 11 2015 22:00:26
•343 simultaneous connections in English, reached on Mar 15 2014 23:13:42
•123 simultaneous connections in Italiano, reached on Jan 31 2014 22:30:33
•216 simultaneous connections in Español, reached on Jul 29 2017 04:12:36
•11 simultaneous connections in Deutsch, reached on Jan 5 2016 21:58:42
•106 simultaneous connections in Português, reached on Dec 8 2015 00:09:40
•45 simultaneous connections in русский, reached on Jul 8 2016 21:15:32
•688 simultaneous connections reached in total on Mar 9 2014 22:36:00.
The record number of players connected simultaneously is one hundred seventy-five. The record was set on Thu Dec 27 15:29:01 2012 CST, which was 4 years, 10 months, 29 days, 16 hours, 38 minutes, and 46 seconds ago.
My personal favorite is currently QC, which also has the advantage of being multylingual but I did not mention that in the advantages section as that currently needs some improvement as it's not really easy to get a new language going.

2. MuhammadHajjar,

I'm actually not an advance RS player as well as that it's a long time I didn't play it nor log in. But I prefer Playroom for being it smoother and has a better interface. That's all :D as I've said I don't know much about RS Games.

3. Nikola,

I did not play it much either, but i've recently tested it and can tell you that it didn't change much from the last time i used it.

4. BellaBlack666,

My loyalties go to play room. But I wish that playroom had a voice chat feature

5. helleon,

Agree with Trix. While I tend to use QC much more often I do like being able to voice chat with other people at my table. On the other hand, I wish RS would add a Free Table feature, as it is a well-liked feature on Playroom and, given that RS already has voice chat implemented, I'm sure it would work pretty well there too.

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6. george,

I think that playroom is advanceder, but I wish a sound at chat, when a player is typing.

7. Nikola,

Sound when typing wouldn't work at pr. Tables in RS consist of 2 or 3 players, while here we have much larger ones. Voice chat was also explained. It requires paying for the server. RS get money through boring ads, pr decides not to do that.

8. george,

Can tell me how i speak, what command i must press to voice chat.

9. Nikola,

In RS ctrl shift v if i remember correctly

10. sound2,

Voice chat for me slowed everything down, at least my sounds, so I turned it off. Otherwise I've never really compared the too. The only thing I would say, well two is that I agree about the sounds, and interesting cellection of music. Another thing I've noticed, people hardly say a word on rs games, at least on pr they talk a lot more. Just my opinion.

P.s I guess most of the conversation happends through voice chat.

11. Everyone,

Yeah, I'm pretty sure voice clips and such is at least partially what makes RS so unresponsive.

12. BellaBlack666,

And I agree with Hellfire. I have wish for a long time as well that are X-Games had free table. It's annoying to talk while trying to play the games 3 table would just make chatting a lot easier.

13. bloodsharp ,

well in my opinion pr is better because you have free tables a forum and also a lot more games

14. sound2,

I guess the developers thought people could chat and play games at the same time. Free tables for rs wouldn't be a bad idea, although I'm not sure if people would use that function.

15. prince-makusu ,

Rs games gives more information when playing a game too

16. Nikola,

Which can be super annoying. It's more verbose in general and hearing all turns in a game takes forever.

17. Slavista,

Hm, interesting topic... I have discovered RSG earlier than playroom, so it brings some nostalgy for me and it has also cards against humanity, what's really great game... But playroom is more flexible for me and it has also a few great games like Crybbage or Quiz...
And voice chat is not needed here, when we have skype or team talk... ;)

18. Nikola,

I've also discovered RS before playroom. When you don't know for better, it's pretty good :) and yeah you're right about using team talk.

19. YNWA,

It is better to have both and if they were both the same it would be pointless having two of them. Sometimes I go to RS just for a change of scenery. I like many started on RS first but I do agree the PR is much better. I still like to play Uno on Rs and I like Apples to Apples. I will try to create some cards that would be easier to be translated some time but that is another topic. I still like Rummy on Rs as it reminds me of the one I played years ago. Here you have to think more about the games you play where in RS they kind of mark what you should play for you. What would make Rs better is if you could invite people to games when you are in the middle of them as you can here.

Voice chat can be funn but as people have pointed out it is possible to use SKYPE or teamtalk. Thanks to another website I use teamtalk is much better now and more user friendly for us.

What I say is Rs is a good stepping-stone to the playroom so if you see people on Rs bring them over as I have done in the past.

20. Ferrumite,

I love pr because it has mutch more types of games in general. For example we heer have at least 5 trick taking games while on rs there are none. I think that they had the pole about should they have free tables or not, not shure what was the outcome but. Also, they simply have to mutch farkle like games. I meen, zombie dice, pig, tos up, all that is just a little bit changed version of farkle. Also I agree about the interface. Here it's just more normal. And also an other thing about the interface is that if you are a spectator and you will be chatting allot you can just stay in the chat box and chat. While on rs you have to press f2 each time you want to send a message. And, I would like still to have that typing sound, even if there are allot of people it wouldn't be that hard. Plus it can say like on skype ABC, DEf, and others are typing so that even if allot of players are typing at one time you will not be fludded with loads of messages. And I agree about skype or team talk, because voice chat causes server to lag, so having it do froo an other program would make the game mutch faster.

21. mohammedradwan9564,

i agreed with bigun, play room is the best, i had started playing since 2014 i came before rs, but i created rs when there was banning without no fare reason orlior , but playroom stold the best games site for me.

22. george,

If players will make donations, aminiel will have enough money to pay a voice chat, a vocal message or maibe a call of friends from your friends list.
iI wish orriginal games of rs at pr: apples to apples, cards against humannity.
And the sound when theother players chatting, att rs, not appear message as there, but aminiel can put that sound of tipping.
But, anyway, without that, playroom is the best.

23. Nikola,

There are 2 main issues with that sound: 1. It will get annoying. Someone said do it like skype where it tells you x y and 3 others are typing, but see that's not the problem. The problem is that in a table with 9 people, you will hear that sound looping over and over again. 2. Spam. Unfortunately, the way this community will work is that this will keep being abused. Even a simple feature of crazy party to enable spectator mode and switch teams gets spammed just cause, you know, immature people having nothing smarter to do.

24. george,

This can b added only at tables of 2, or maximum 3, 4 players

25. Nikola,

Then i don't get the point of it at all. If it gets added and gets a separate channel, then sure go ahead i can disable it and not care about it.

26. george,

For example at table of 2:
When you stay and wait player to answer, only here, at 2 tables is a good idea.
If you don't want, aminiel can add a setting trough you can disable it.

27. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Why is it important to have that feature, how does it benefit anyone. It just makes sounds while typing, really nothing good nor sensy.

28. Ferrumite,

I think it just sounds more realistic. You know, if you don't have that typing sound you don't know at what spead they are typing and you know, if they are typing fast they want to explain something else, pointless but maybe we can turn it on and off so if someone really decides to spamm it then everyone can just shut it down.

29. BellaBlack666,

Actually I think that typing sound would be hopeful because sometimes when I'm talking in a private table with someone, I can't tell if they are writing or not because sometimes they say they don't get my messages while they are writing.

30. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Well the playroom is not a place to reveal who may be lying. Some people might prefer to keep something untold, and that's, after all, privacy

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