Quentin C playroom VS RS Games

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61. Sajad-Aliraqi,

I can never prefer RS, I do not even have a simple reason to

62. YNWA,

Each platform has its advantages and disadvantages as with everything is life. Do you prefer Pepsi or Coca-Cola, do you support Liverpool or Manchester United? Whatever your preference one in its own way drives the other. I do agree with people that the PR is much better but you never know one day RS may produce something that may be the next big thing.

Sometimes you think I would like something new then Gammon and Belote turn up and things get exciting again as you look forward to learning new games. To have more options is better for everybody and with more options it means it is easier to find more people. I started on RS then someone said why not try... or have you used... Most of the time I use the PR but sometimes a change can be good.

63. Nikola,

Yep, their next major and big hit is, you guess it? Rulette! Good luck playing a offline game masked to be online and I hope it is fun for everybody. The only thing RS reminded me is why I look forward to PR v3 even if I will need to wait 2 years, at least I know I am getting something where I can spend more than 5 minutes.

64. ahmat.0,

I use RSGame most of the times and I would say I like it better. It does not crash that much for me. It also allows one to voice chat which the playroom does not. I also think that RSGame might have more people du to them having an app. I can't complain much about the playroom. it work just fine.

65. Ferrumite,

RSGames having more people is absolutely false. The last I checked, there were around 30 of the m online at one time. Though I see your logic because they have seperet apps for mac, windows and linux though the linux one hasn't been updated in ages.

66. Nikola,

Don't get me started on their apsolutely amazing iOS deal of pay to play, or you know use Windows and play for free or even the web client. Not to even mention their amazing interface logics chosen on there. About having more people, i've posted statistics of both platform in one of the previous messages, and the numbers speak for themselves.

67. helleon,

I'd put money on it being the decision of Kid Friendly Software to charge for the use of the platform on IOS though. you'd need to take out a second mortgage if your main platform was Blindfold Games.

68. Jeff-Rutkowski,

True for the previous post. As for the number of players, I've seen over three-hundred people on here at once.
RSGames simply doesn't have the structure to handle that many players since it is a MOO. MOO is purely a single-core program and is not able to utilize multiple cores let alone multiple threads.
The playroom mops the floor with RS as far as conectivity goes. Three-hundred players would cause the thing to choke and die really fast if it was even attempted.

69. supanut2000,

For me I do like QC the most; nowadays everytime I booted up my PC, I would log in to QC and have it left running for the rest of the day. I just wish that QC have more features, like voice chat and...possibly more visual elements in some games, like an actual board being displayed in Monopoly. Also a mobile app for iOS and/or Android would be nice; I'd love to play Monopoly on the go but couldn't be bothered to open up the website just to play it.

70. Nikola,

Glad i am not the only one leaving PR open all the time. It is just something I am used to.

71. MuhammadHajjar,

Oh same here, I always leave playroom opened most of the time.

72. Nikola,

A feature to hide it into the system tray would be good.

73. supanut2000,

I certainly agree. Even better, the ability to set it to launch at startup, and have it automatically log me in would be even more amazing.

74. Nikola,

Launching on startup you can accomplish by yourself by just copying it into the startup folder, though of course you can't log in automatically but it will only require you to press enter.

75. BellaBlack666,

One thing I don't like about RS games is that there is no way to let you know when your friends come online. The notifications on there are not as accessible as they are on playroom. I don't know how many of you folks agree with this. And you can't toggle on and off certain messages as you can on playroom

76. Vojvoda ,

Yeah I agree. The interface is just as bad as hell.

77. Ferrumite,

an other thing is, that because first letter navigation works in all menus, some commands will not work. For instants, in blackjack, the command to check dealers card is d. however, it's also the first letter of the word double in double down, Witch would activate that option instead.

78. Nikola,

See, that is precisely the reason why Aminiel despite many requests didn't want to implement first letter navigation in all menus. It works where it has no conflicts.

79. Vojvoda ,

Navigation by letters doesn't mean that it has to click on the option for you.

80. Nikola,

No no that is not the problem, but rather that it conflicts with the shortcuts and makes it inconsistent.

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