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1. LaraStardust,

Join a world of mystery, science and technology as you battle fearsome foes and explore endless realms in an ever-improving game.
Cosmic Rage is more than a mud, with a community of careers dedicated to making your experience the most enjoyable it can be.
Be a daring detective, expansive explorer, a masterful military officer or an awe-inspiring adventurer and let your story be told. We boast over 50 activities, over 15 cracking crafting opportunities, hugely unique races, a unique combat system and a game to suit you, cosmic Rage literally molds to meet your needs.
Immerse yourself in a story that gives explicit detail on items as small as atoms, with possibilities so far in depth it's like stepping into a new world. In fact, it is stepping into a new world.
Cosmic Rage's daily host activity means that bugs are looked at on a daily basis, with the best minds selected from people like you dedicated to eliminating them within as quick a time as possible.
Are you a story teller, looking for a mud with a role-play environment flexible to suit your needs?
Are you a military strategist who needs an outlet?
Have you ever had that feeling inside that you should be someone of royalty, with great power and influence?
If you answered yes to any of the above, cosmic Rage is the mud for you. Nine out of ten players we asked said Cosmic Rage had a positive influence on their lives in general, the community they logged in to leaving them feeling like there were people out there who cared.
Have you had a bad experience on another mud? Don't worry, cosmic Rage is here for you. We've cradled people from not even knowing what role-play is, into being some of the best in the market. We've helped heal wounds dealt by uncaring uncommunicative people and treated them like they should be. Like real people, like we care.
Cosmic Rage is the mud that cares what you think, because without you, we are nothing.
So, join us. Join the family, join Cosmic Rage!
We're waiting for you.

2. YNWA,

Hope there is a donation for this ad to the PR, or do I get a commission which would be nice. If it is big enough I know a few of us would like an all expenses trip to Ukraine paid for out of the proceeds!

3. MagicalKrrish,

I thought there was one of the rules of posting on forums, !no advertisements?!

4. Vojvoda ,

You'll never walk alone

5. Lemonade,

That's why I have a guide dog.

6. Fragrant ,

There are other things I think are rules and I doubt you didn't break any. ;)

7. basket,

Stuff like this is okay, since we all have the choice whether to read it or not.

8. Nikola,

And when are we forced to read it? Just curious.

9. YNWA,

Are you saying free ads are acceptable providing they are blind related?

10. basket,

given that nothing is being advertised for sale here, I fail to see what the big issue is. The original poster is not selling anything, and no profit can be gained from the add, so I don't see why this is even a problem.

11. Vojvoda ,

Imagine if everyone would advertise something like this?

12. YNWA,

8 days later Basket replied to my original post when the topic was almost dead. Now Dardar is getting more publicity for his Mud add which nobody asked for. It would be nice to see what the definitive rules on advertising are. Could I put a TAFN ad up for example as that is blind related and that is a charity!

13. Lemonade,

Ah, but if you didn't want him to get publicity in the first place, why bring up the point at all? Answer: because you wanted to know whether it was allowed or not. It seems a bit counterproductive to then call him out for replying in a supposedly untimely manner.

14. Cristina ,

Come on guys, why almost all the time you find in every post a new chance to show your thorns?

I think Dardar killed or harmed nobody posting that, so better leave it and be nice to each other.

15. YNWA,

True it does give the MUD more publicity, however I am interested to find out what the rules are as I previously stated. Yes I did think 8 days was a bit too long but having thought again perhaps the Helpers wanted to consult each other for clarity!

16. Vojvoda ,

Helpers? I thought we have only Marina.

17. Dayan,

Helpers? I thought we have only Marina.

18. Nikola,

Lol I just noticed something, but does this post not have even a website link or anything?

19. YNWA,

It is clearly an advertisement. 9 out of 10 people said?... were they just a handful of friends, was the survey a small sample, who knows because nobody can varify those figures. The point is what are the rules regarding adverts. Ok some could be interesting if they were a benefit to PR users such as being blind related. If that is the case then this would be acceptable.

20. Nikola,

The point is what do you have from enforcing these rules? Does it bring any good? Why should the user be banned or whatever just because of that? This isn't spamming, it is one topic. Hate it, just ignore it and move on.

21. Dayan,

It's just one more person trying to make up his own rules.

22. YNWA,

Find the quote where I asked for someone to be banned Nikola?

23. Lemonade,

Kittens are cute.

24. YNWA,

Are they space cat's?

25. Nikola,

Um, well what does somebody get if they do not respect rules? Just common sense but anyways.

26. MagicalKrrish,

Well, I don't know if this mud is free or what, but i remember there was once a topic about NVDA and it was also regarded as advertisement. Almost all of you from here mentioned the same? and if that was advertisement and why not this one? just food for thoughts.

27. The-Queen,

Guys you are arguing like babies. If you do not wish reading the post just do not read it. There is no point of arguing at all. At the end everyone is free to do whatever they wish.
Advertisements or not, that is how things today get popular. there is no point of creating a product if you are not going to advertise it among the community it is meant for.
So I told you, and will repeat it. Arguing is pointless. Do not read, be happy, ignore. this is all.

28. Sajad-Aliraqi,

YNWA is a perfect option for someone wants to get angry. Quit for the love of God. Something you don't like don't comment, something doesn't affect you do not impose your own rules. Do not forget that after all you are just a player like us and doing that will not make you look like a helper or an admin, rather less. Of course you are going to write a long message and let me tell you in advance, you are not going to make sense in it.

29. YNWA,

I give my honest opinion on the forum, sometimes people agree with it and sometimes they don't but that is their choice. I will not stop for a few small minded individuals. It is the same with anything I do in the playroom. I really enjoy the playroom and that is why I have helped run tournaments, Helped create Quiz Party and now I am also working on The World Cup predictions league with Krrish. There is plenty to do and who knows what I will do in the future!

If you feel you want to write more rubbish about a person you don't know then go ahead!

30. Nikola,

Hilarious that in every second post of yours there are 2 same words, quiz party.

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