my story with play room

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1. Mohammedradwan2003,

k , so pr was the hero of the vote
let me tell you my story with pr
first i am mohammed hossam radwan , egyptian , i am 15 years old
i started sense 2014
i was reading a post on my facebook on android for blinds group> and it was talking about pr web client , and how to play , it was very good experience to try , i entered the website through google , and created my account and my sisster helped me
when i intered i was pressing inter in any game , i wasn't know any thing
i intered a free table , i knew mohammed hajjar , he was with yousef katab )alaadin( later i entered skype and knew new people , next day i meeted my friend )mido hamdy ( he is my friend in school , i saw his name by chance . he taught me farkle and shut the boxes , and later i continued , one day i was in free table with )alaadin ( i was talking in arabic the table was publick but there was no one with us , and i got ban , from this time , my problems on pr started , i got ban a lot without no reasons by basket , i was creating other accounts because i was fond of playing pr , and still . later from 1 year , a friend came to me and said that he have a account he don't use , he gave me user name and pass and i entered back , i was pretty happy , beecause i returned to my world on pr , my first plat form for games , then i lost the pass , and the e mail was not mine , later my ip was changed , and i created new gmail for me and created new account on pr with this name , i didn't make any noise for players on pr , not much just 1 player only rofl , for a private reasons . on my old accounts , now i am playing normaly , i tell this story , first for players to know who i am , and second for helpers to tell them that i am not avuser or thing , i am normal player like playing here , i spent most of my funny time here , i won't break rules again , i forgot to tell something , i told helpers about my problem but no one listened to me , there was a miss understanding when i said it , so please , i can't live without pr for 1 second it's my best plat form ,
best regards

2. Vojvoda ,

Me and my friend actually had similar story. We came here, played and at a free table someone reported us how we are talking in different language than English and got ban for 54 years, We created other accounts, and then kept being banned for the reason multiple accounts. We tried hardly to return, wrote to admins, helpers but nothing. And fortunately they stopped banning us. This sounds very short and nothing serious, but at that time we were really addicted to this platform but there was noone to listen. But it was such a frustration which last for more than a year, the whole year trying to return and someone keeps banning and banning you, I won't say publicly who it was nor give more details about that but just letting you know, you are unfortunately not the only one who had such problem.

3. helleon,

Massive respect for whoever is finally tackling the problem of people randomly walking in and not speaking English in free tables where English is the primary language being spoken on an English server. Big respect and keep up the good work.

4. BellaBlack666,

Wow lol

5. play_romania1,

is interesting this storry

6. helleon,

Oh yeah, it's interesting. You speak other languages on public tables where the table master wishes you to speak English on an English server? You should see a ban coming. Whether it's basket (based on the original poster's claims) or whichever moderator it is, keep up the good work. It seems frustrating now, but people will eventually get the message (pardon the pun) - it'll all be worthwhile in the end. Respect once again.

7. Nikola,

Yeah that rule can be so strictly enforced when new translations can be made for the playroom. Till then, people have no choice.

8. play_romania1,

Agree 50% with this rule, only 50%

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9. Cristina ,

I think those should be baned who really bother the people.
Why to be baned if you can not speak english very well, or if you speak your native language with other people who can speak that?
Even if it is english server, the most people who are on here can not speak english very well and few people are bothered by that.
Everything is about tolerance and being nice to each other. But, unfortunately, for some persons these terms are not well known.

10. the-raven ,

you could decide to make the table private and the problem would be solved. or you could stick to english if there are people on the table who dont understand your language, since it is, after all, an English server. :) So if you dont speak English and want to go to a free table, you could create your own table and, in case you risk being banned, make it private

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11. Nikola,

No problem, I am completely against a random person joining a table and then speaking their own language if nobody can understand it. That makes no sense and should totally be avoided. But what harm is there if 2 friends speak their language? You can ignore a few chats, that's no big deal. There is an issue for administrators if somebody claims that there were insults in that language, but Google translate could always be used to verify that. It is not perfect, but does not need to be. You'll get the main context out of it.

12. YNWA,

A free table means the offer to join is open to all so as this is the 'English part' then the language is 'English' that is the same for all open tables. 'Private' means private so whoever is table master is in control. If you join a table thatt is private and they all Speak lets say Flemish then that would be up to them, it is up to you if you want to stay or not. It is very simple. That is the same with music, if you play some with some bad language in it and it is private and people are happy with that then no problem but not if it was at a free table/game that is open to all.

13. helleon,

Agree with Ynwa and the-raven on this one. If there are a group of people sitting at a table who wish to speak another language and they're all in agreement, let them at it. They're not harming anybody. Those who are not happy can then leave. My problem is with people who go into free tables where the main language being spoken is English and go and speak other languages.

14. play_romania1,

me too, agree

15. Aminiel,


If you don't understand why we put that rule about languages, try to transpose the situation to the real life and you will probably better understand.

In a public context, you must, by convention, speak the same language as everybody, so that everybody understand what you say.
Imagine that you are in any kind of meeting with about 10 people: everybody speaks in english, but for any reason someone asks a question in turkish. By chance another tirkish person answers to his question.
If you don't understand turkish, won't you feel the two people a bit impolite, and yourself a bit uncomfortable ? perhaps the question was good and the answer too ? Perhaps not and you might have got a better answer to give if you would have understood the question ? IN any case you have missed some knowledge or an occasion to react or participate.
And now they are laughing... are they laughing at you ? How to know if it wasn't a very bad joke against you, your family, your country ?
What if every participant would start speaking his own mother tongue ?

For the same reason as we don't talk about sexual stuff because there could be people under 18, we don't speak another language, so that nobody could feel uncomfortable hearing/reading something they don't understand.
That little something which could be normal discussions, but also laughs or attacks of any kin against anyone.

Of course, in private, you always do what you want, As soon as all participants agree there is no problem at all.

And for those who think that helpers could use google translate, imagine: you call an helper: please help, someone is insulting me in arabic. Hmm wait, I have to check on google translate if he's really insulting you.
Extremely bizarre, isn't it ?

Most of the time, helpers have to react in direct as the things are happening. It's much better, both for the offender and the offendee.
Even in your native language, it's sometimes very hard to read an history and decide who is culprit.
It's also harder to apply a punishment: will he understand why he's banned if he's banned one or two weeks afterwards ? Maybe not, and that's where he comes back and yell to unfairness. It's much easier when people are taken on the fact.

16. Nikola,

Thanks for your view on this.
Yes, no doubt that it is impolite, I think anybody can agree on that.
However, compare this to for example the French server. In there, I assume situations like this happen much less. They can probably happen with Arabic countries or something like that, but everybody from all over the world who hears about the playroom will access the English server. Some of them might be perfect English speakers, and some might not speak even a word to read our rules and are just wanting to play games and talk with their friends. I know that some people will probably say that it is not our responsibility if they read the rules or no, but let's be honest. People never read rules and licence agreements. Did you read the agreement when installing your screen reader? Even when you understand it, lots of times people just click accept and go on. This brings us to a positive side about the Playroom rules, which is that they are quite short so I hope the majority can read that.

I would prefer it that instead of banning them, somebody can educate them better on what they did wrong. There are 2 ways in which this could be done: We can either find a person who speaks English and the other language in question, and ask them to translate the rules for a person who broke them. Or, a helper could warn them using Google translate on which rule they broke and that they might be banned if they continue to do so. The reason for this is quite simple: Even if we ban them, are we sure that they understood why they got banned? They might understand and find somebody who speaks English to help them to contact helpers, or they might not understand it at all and think they got banned randomly, thus ruining Playroom's reputation.

The last point I wanted to address was with Google translate: A helper will of course, not reply and say hey I must check with Google translate. I imagined it in scenarios where helpers get history reports. They have time to go through a report which has been send and open the Google translate page if necessary, and check the validity of a report. In a case where helper is directly watching a chat and somebody is claiming that a person is insulting, all a helper would need to do is ask for the appropriate message which was insulting. It would be fast enough to then just copy it and get a translation. I assume, and I could be wrong on this that the best way to report insults is to send a history report from the f9 menu, in which case if people use that in 90 percent of cases there shouldn't even be this problem.

17. Lemonade,

There's quite a big difference between rules and license agreements. Especially if said rules are rules from a platform where interacting with other people plays a big roll. You can't really compare that with something like a license agreement for JAWS.

18. YNWA,

The only problem with your argument Nikola is you could reverse that and say why don't the players that are getting banned use google translate and thus understand what helpers have said.

19. Nikola,

Sure, in an ideal case, players would use google translate to read rules in the first place. We unfortunately aren't in an ideal world. And everyone, yes I know that there's a difference, but on some platforms, rules are just as long. It's fortunately not the case here, but by automatism, when you see an agreement page during installation you press accept and go on.

20. Aminiel,

Everybody click accept without reading the license agreement or the rules, me too. However, there is a famous saying in french: "nul n'est censé ignorer la loi" that could be translated as "nobody is supposed to ignore the law".
In other words, even if we click accept without reading, we are supposed to know what was in there, of course because we are supposed to have read it.

I know that the english server is a bit particular because there come all players who haven't a server with their own language.
Helpers normally know this as well and should effectively be tolerant: give first a warning and try to explain the problem about languages instead of directly banning. I hope they do so.

As their name says, helpers are normally there first to help people, they should use their banning gun only when really needed. They normally aren't gun shoters who just use their gun as soon as they can just because they like weapons.

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21. the-supreme-AI,

banner's gun, lol

22. Mohammedradwan2003,

guys , it was publick yes , but we was arabic people only there . 2 all said about tronslation but no one listened to us

23. YNWA,

Don't Helpers keep records and action taken? That should be standard procedure. I know I was expecting more Helpers and have said so many times. One of the reasons is you should in theory have more people from other parts of the world. True you can't cover every language but you may cover a bit more.

4 July 2018 warned about abusive language by

You don't want too much info but it would help show to users that Helpers are doing things properly. Aminiel/admin could access these reports whenever he/they wanted to just to randomly check from time to time.

24. Vojvoda ,

Sorry to say but me and my friend Nikola were banned without any warning, and that was not a helper's fault it was fault or mistake by an admin. Moreover at the table were all serbian speaking people.

25. YNWA,

Was the table made private so nobody else could join?

26. Vojvoda ,

No it was public and we were streaming our music, still I wouldn't say it was smart idea to ban people just like that. Especially because only us two were banned and everyone was speaking in serbian.

27. Aminiel,

@YNWA: I don't look at that kind of records myself. Other admins are much better at it. Personally I better use my rare free time to create and develop.

28. YNWA,

Long as someone does look at it then that is more important as I did suggest the Admin staff look it it too.

I do have a suggestion for this issue and that is having Free tables and International Free tables. In the English section we haveA Turkish version of Monopoly and nobody has an issue with it as they can select a game-board that they prefer.

I propose that there is another Free table created called International Free table and the host can choose what language they want to speak at that Free table. I think this should be a trial so if there are major issues then we can go back to the system of just Free tables which we have now.

29. helleon,

I think Ynwa's is a good proposal, I don't think helpers should be responsible for translating their messages to player or vice versa, I think that should be the player's issue as it is, and I'm sorry to sound like a stuck record because I know I've said it before but it's relevant to the point I'm making, an English server.

30. Lemonade,

I actually like the idea of somehow setting a language for the free table. It would save tons of time and effort creating an entire new language for the PR, and it'd give people a much clearer message about what language is being spoken. Because in all honesty, if I join a completely random table even if its public, non-English languages are being spoken at tables more often than not. This would solve the problem in a much friendlier way.

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