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31. helleon,

Yeah, agree with everyone (the user, not all of you!) it might be benifitial for not only free tables, but for game tables also. But I think the free table issue should be priority,.

32. fire-starter,

then still remains the problem of the said user to set that language.

33. helleon,

So? Not a big issue really. Just put the most popular language on offer and then have something like an add on request system or an "other" button

34. YNWA,

At the moment we list the games and free table, the proposal was to have a second free table called international where people may want to speak multiple languages. One example was Snowflake and I had friends who spoke Spanish and English, we did not Speak Spanish but there were also people that Spoke Spanish but did not speak English. The table was on the Spanish side. I can't remember now if the table was private or not but most of the time we just listened to music which was English music.

The point is having a place where people can speak different languages and that being ok because everybody will know it is international and not just English. I am sure it is a better solution than people being banned and users being able to speculate on which Helper does the banning because of either a shortage of Helpers or each Helper having a different way of doing things.

I am not sure this would work for games because it would encourage people to form more of their own cliques which is not part of Aminiel's philosophy when he originally created the Pr.

35. helleon,

I don't think one international table will work, how will anyone keep track of what's going on? You could potentially have people speaking Turkish, Arabic, Serbian and some other language all at once in the same table.

36. YNWA,

If the tables were international then it would be international by its definition. Mostly I think they would stick to one or 2 languages or it would be impossible with many as you say. The proposal as i stated would be a trial. The current solution clearly isn't working and it appears each Helper has their own way of working and the impression is different standards are being applied from what people say on the forum and what I hear. People can suggest the language on their topic for the Free table and yes you will always get issues what ever happens but I suggest there will be far fewer in the long term. I don't have the figures about banning but I doubt it is 5 or 10 per year.

37. Aminiel,

What you can already try to do is to precise the language in a tag in the topic of your free table. The topic must always stay in English though, so that the helpers can know

For example: "[sr] table for serbian people" or "[tk] listen to Turkish music".

38. marina7,

Well, I have been very understanding with that issue, but to be honest, things hadn’t turn to be that simple as you all imagine it to be.
Allow me to explain to you all where mostly the conflict happens. Imagine a big community of the language x, the speakers of language x keep reporting stuff in their own language, like the person z and y insulted me in very bad English, or even report in their language. These reports might be a life situation or worse status messages or free table topics.
For instance, there was a recent case where a player kept harassing another by typing a free table topic in foreigner language containing the harassed player’s name.
As you can see, it’s obvious I need to ban because talking with this player was so unproductive, even counterproductive. Because of their English therefore misunderstandings and the absence of an accurate report, which the banned player couldn’t deliver his/her message, and failed to stop harassing, on the other hand, it might be unfair to the one who was harassed as him/herself might have really done something wrong. But you see, I can never know where the truth is.
Speaking about google translate, it’s not always a good solution, not only because it might be not accurate enough sometimes, but also, many languages has none English characters and in some cases none Latin characters at all.
And therefore, it requires special format to be saved like UTF-8 or other stuff which currently, at least our report system I can tell, don’t have.
But even though, getting the context is not the only thing what matters because if there is a report, there are always 2 sides to the situation, and you can’t just believe the party who reported and ignore the other, so you need pretty good understanding to be able to judge fairly.
It is not to say that I am so strict with that rule in the English server, but in some situations such as the mentioned above I have to be, since no other choice.

39. YNWA,

I have seen in the past people create a free table make it private and send a message abusing people in English so I am certain that can be done in a foreign language. The suggestion that helpers should use google translate is just living in dreamland!
I think what Aminiel suggested is better and if people have friends who speak little English then they should explain what is and what is not acceptable in the PR when introducing new people to the PR in their own language as well as teach them games.

40. Nikola,

The idea with setting a language for a free table isn't bad, and can be very well expanded. We could, in our profile settings have language options. In here, we'd have checkboxes for languages we speak. If we check English and French, English free tables as well as French ones will be shown, ignoring the rest if they have a different language tag. Your friends should, of course, be able to invite you to such a table if you for example want to listen to a stream but not chat. Again, it is very flexible so if you entirely disagree with this idea, I would make it so that if no language is checked in your profile settings, you would just see all tables like it is right now.

41. Mohammedradwan2003,

i agree with the idea , so we can make in this free tables master speaks , arabic.

42. play_romania1,

Agree, too

43. Mohammedradwan2003,

now , it's your time , ameneel , to add this to options

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