happy aid

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1. Mohammedradwan2003,

happy aid to all arround the world , enjoy eating sweets haha > mohammed hossam radwan

2. Mazdak ,

Happy aid to you too, and to all of the Muslims around the world. Wishing you the best.

3. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Happy Eid to all our Muslim siblings and people around the world. Wish you the best

4. The-Queen,

Eid Mubarak to you all, or happy Eid. Enjoy! Smiley

5. Ramon-Salazar,

Happy IED

Zuletzt geändert von Ramon-Salazar, Jun 22 2018 00:52:52

6. Mohammedradwan2003,

happy aid the big aid, enjoy eating meat, sheep sheep sheep

7. Vojvoda ,

I sometimes think that you people write posts just to increase number of posted messages on the forum.

8. Amine,

No you don't, it's just when people are talking about something you have no idea about you start acting like you know everything. Either that or if you actually do know, you are just being an *** ****

9. Vojvoda ,

Or Aid is tomorrow? Isn't it?

10. Riad,

Indeed it is, happy Eid for all Muslims.

11. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Eid Mubarak to our Muslim brothers

12. MuhammadHajjar,

When will Planet Saga be released?

13. Nikola,

When I complete BK3

14. MuhammadHajjar,

And when will you complete it?

15. Nikola,

After I finish stage 25

16. Mohammedradwan2003,


17. MuhammadHajjar,

Addons updates available.

18. Nikola,

Spectator mode enabled

19. Dayan,

Press F1 to get some short help.

20. Mazdak ,

Alert an administrator dialog,
Enter the message to send. This message will be transmitted to the currently connected administrators. edit

21. Vojvoda ,

Information: a new surprise is now available in the functions and more menu ! You have now a friends list !

22. Dayan,

You have joined the table.

23. Nikola,

Here is all cards in the discard pile. the most recently discarded are on the top. Press escape to close this menu.

24. Amine,

Arcade mode text read only

25. Vojvoda ,

Are you sure you want to leave the table ?

26. Sajad-Aliraqi,

The table is now private.

27. Vojvoda ,

Choose a game :

28. fire-starter,

someone should close this topic.

29. Vojvoda ,

fire-starter: someone should close this topic. : 23.08.2018 20:23:10

30. Dayan,

Joe-Ragland: fire-starter: someone should close this topic. : 23.08.2018 20:23:10: 24.08.2018 06:19:11

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