Hi. What's your favorite country, language or name?

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1. play_romania1,

Hi all. What's your favorite country, language or name? I like (country) Spain, (language) spanish, and name... I like a lot of names, so I can't tell to you one right now.

2. musiclover,

i like surbia

3. matinkh,

Sweden is my favorite country

4. Vojvoda ,

Favorite country, well beside my Serbia I love Russia. Language or languages I would like to speak like a native speaker French, Greek, Russian and Swedish. My favorite male name is Ilirije and female one I do not have.

5. MuhammadHajjar,

My favourite language is of course my mother tongue. However my favourite country isn't my country, so this is somewhat a hard question. Hmm probably USA? Or Canada? I don't know, but, I love freedom, so the best country when it comes to freedom and humanity is surely my favourite country.

6. Dayan,

Czech Republic is my favorite country, as well as it's language (Czech, of course) I haven't a favorite name. I can say there are a lot of nice ones but can't really give an example of them.

7. play_romania1,

Yes, there are a lot of sweet names

8. Mohammedradwan2003,

like mohammed , usa

9. Vojvoda ,

Muhammed, I somehow got bored of that name. I do not know why parents keep giving such a name to children if so many people are called like that.

10. Sajad-Aliraqi,

@vojvoda we can say the same when it comes to John. The fact that Arabic is a rich language is undeniable so surely Muhammad means something so meaningful. Unlike other races, Islam doesn't stick with one side when it comes to names. You can hardly ever find a person called Muhammad in Christianity, but we have Moses as Mousa, we have Jesus as Aisa and it's just normal. Reading the name Muhammad seems so heavy, but it is accent depended here that's why we name it. For example in my Iraqi accent Muhammad is pronounced as Imhammed or simply Mhammed. So it's easy to pronounce. In Syria the A is longer, something like Imhammaad, or accented Mhammád. This also includes the question why John is so popular among those countries? Or why Nikola in Serbia, or Ivan, or why Juan and Gonzales in Mexico.

11. Vojvoda ,

As I am bored of Muhammed, I am also bored of John, Ivan and etc. I do not like names that are very often given to children. That's all. No need to go in that so deep.

12. Sajad-Aliraqi,

It's just normal you find it in every country. It's about the interest of the name or the specialty. Ali is so popular in Iraq, Reza in Iran. for example.

13. Giovani ,

I have various tastes of countries, sometimes I return back to previous interests. Actually, this is same for traditional or popular music, country and language. It is Korean and because I don't want to return back to Socialism, like some people maybe wants to return, South Korea.
Reasons are as follows:
For Korean, It is ofcourse Hangeul alphabet (traditional korean script), but also Hanja (chinese korean script) is interesting. Sometimes I love K-pop, not because It is pop, but It is Pop in another language, like English.
Ofcourse I love traditional korean culture (mainly music), because there are not any differences between north and south, or between any politics.
Just for information, I know, how to write in Hangeul and nextly, I have heard some North Korean Pop, such as Pochombo electronic ensemble. But, as for K-pop, there isn't any ranking, as good, or bad.

14. play_romania1,

In Romania there are a lot of boy names like Ioan Gheorghe or Vasile, these are most used. And girl names Ioana and Maria, and yes, these are a lot too!

15. Dayan,

Just to correct, Gonzales is a last name. There are not many kids named Juan here anymore, but funny thing is that John and Ivan both of them mean Juan here so it seemed as if you just gave the same example but translated. :D

16. helleon,

My favourite country is the US. The people there are generally amazing. Favourite name? Mail: Daniel. Female: Michelle. Unisex: Alex

17. Sajad-Aliraqi,

I suppose it is the same like Muhammad and Ahmed. Both are the same.

18. Slavista,

My favourite country? Finland... Cause of their music, hockey etc.
My favourite language? Mine, czech, cause it can offer me many great words and acording to czech, english is sooo boring...
favourite names? Tarja, Floor, Kurt, Atila, simply long live, metal. :D
anyways good night all. :D

19. Vojvoda ,

That is so true about English, I am missing so many words and phrases from my language when I speak to someone. That's why I love talking to my slavic brothers, because, well, because we are simply the funniest, the best, and the drunkest guys in the world

20. Giovani ,

Finnish language is also very interesting. Also, on the bases of Finnish and Welsh J. R. R. Tolkien has created one of elvish languages.
About music, It is also awesome.

21. wolfi,

country: spain
language: spanish.
Name: i like mine, ali.

22. Giovani ,

Also, for name, I have twoo. Christine and Lucy, in various languages ofcourse.

23. afrim,

I am Albanian, so you might rightly suppose that my favourite language and country is Albanian and Albania; however, my favourite country I would prefer to live is England, and my favourite language is English. Languages I'd like to learn: French, Italian, German. A very sweet name I am deeply fond of is Lenore. I also very much like an Albanian name (Sibora), literally translated in English as "like Snow".

24. sound2,

My favourite country? England, although I think anywhere in the UK could be interesting. My reasons: I've never visited it and I like the audio dramas. Although I know there are more to people than just entertainment, lol.

Favourite names? For female, Sylvia and Lucy.
Can't think of any male names at the moment.

25. YNWA,

There are nicer countries than England you could choose from but having said there are worse too. I have seen some nice places and some shocking places where I wouldn't even keep a pet rat. Stay in the countryside or smaller towns and keep away from the major cities. The country is over a trillion in debt, crime rates are up and there are only 10% of crimes where anything actually happens to the villain. Add in brexit then things will cost even more so make sure you have your friend fat wallet with you!

Yes we do produce good radio drama but even the quality and out put has got smaller. 90 minute plays are few and far between. Anybody interested can download homefront for free from the BBC website and that is worth listening too. fortunately the RNIB talking book service is very good so you will be able to listen to a lot of good talking books for free.

to sum up, Find a nice place where you can barricade yourself in with plenty of talking books, radio plays and lots of food. The UK now does have a good variety of food due to our multicultural society so you won't starve. Finding a place to rent due to shortages of housing making it a buyer's market will cost you an arm and a leg but don't worry as I am sure it can be fixed on the NHS! If the waiting list is too long then perhaps you could go to a second hand shop to get a new one. There are plenty of those in the UK now as many shops have closed due to people shopping online.

26. MuhammadHajjar,

I totally agree with Vojvoda. Unique names are better than popular ones imo. I don't mean that popular names are hated to me, but, for example: as a blind person, when someone in the street (or any other public place) calls someone else (hey Muhammad) as Muhammad here is very, very popular, I turn to them answering, to find out in the end that I'm not the intended of this call. On the contrary too, when a person calls out to me (hey Muhammad) and they've intended to call me while I think that I ain't intended, they think that I'm ignoring. In both cases, the matter is very embarrassing. Also unique names do make people, well, unique :D.

27. play_romania1,


28. helleon,

Ah England is nice, especially if you're talking about touristically. Sure there's a fair bit of crime going on there, but you have to be wary in most places now. And if you want a placibo, you can go and watch the "Brit Cops" series and you'll immediately believe, whether it's true or not, that the UK is crime free! Really enjoyed London when I went there a few years ago. The rave scene, as expected by anyone who knows anything about rave, is at its best there. We spent most of our time in Camdon Town, very diverse area, a diversity area also reflected in its market stalls. You had your average stalls, then you had all sorts of strange T-shirts and other crap, and down the street you had a lad trying to sell you his pirated hiphop mixtape CD!

29. Cristina ,

My favorite language is italian.
I love New Zeeland.
Also love Turkey, it has a fascinating culture and history.
I'd like to visit these countries.
My favorite girl name is Cristina and all version of it in different languages.
For boy name it is David.

30. StormProductions,

@Cristina, oh, one of your favourite countries is Turkey? I was in there, and tomorrow I'll be there again, but unfortunately, for a medical problem - a kidney transplantation.

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