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1. Mohammedradwan2003,

who knows how to escape challenge in the ontoys registration

2. Nikola,

Sorry? If you mean captcha while registering, it is a simple Google recaptcha and you must check the box which says I am not a robot.

3. helleon,

That he could be talking about, but to my knowledge a lot of people have had trouble registering with Ontoys of late. But I thought that was fixed?

4. The-Queen,

Can you please give me the website of this game?

5. Nikola,

You register on https://tiflo.space/en

6. Minionslayer,

Where is the download link?

7. Nikola,

Click the entertainment link, which opens up a menu. In there, click on games. After another page opens, click on play and then you can get the client.

8. CathyAnne,

I have never hear of such a sight or thing along those lines.

9. helleon,

It's a Russian gaming site for the blind, have an account but don't use it and don't know many who do.

10. Minionslayer,

I do use it. I like how it uses standerd Windows controls such as checkboxes and combo boxes.

11. Nikola,

Oh well, the playroom does that too except that it does not really need checkboxes and combo boxes. On the other hand however, it has real graphics so is certainly more attractive to sighted players.

12. supanut2000,

The one thing I don't like about Ontoys is the lack of help system in games (particularly the hotkeys). Here in Playroom you can at least press F1 to get a list of available hotkeys. Also some popular games like Monopoly are missing in Ontoys.

13. Nikola,

There is no need. Press alt to open the menu, and you can see shortcuts that way. Game rules are written for some games, English translation is missing for some but shortcuts are mostly the same across all games which is quite good.

14. supanut2000,

Ah right. But some games are missing, like Monopoly and Uno. But Ontoys also have some games that aren't found on here like football and a number of others.

15. Nikola,

They are not supposed to be copies of each other now are they? I personally would not even play 1000 miles if it was the same as on here, no point in that but it is quite different than the one on here. It also has some very cool trick taking games like 1000 or 66 which would be quite nice on here.

16. supanut2000,

Mile by mile game on Ontoys is just like 1000 miles, but more customizable in a way that you can set the distance limit up to 5000 miles, and there are some unique cards like the one that removes all protection.

17. Nikola,

It is completely different actually. You do not score points like here, but rather it is completely based on distance. You can also choose the number of decks you want, including each player having their own deck which is very useful in a game with lots of players as these can last for a very long time.

18. Minionslayer,

Ontoys also has Table Tennis

19. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Table Tennis seems to be luck based. I don't know what's the strategy beyond scoring goals. I only play according to the direction the game indicates to, otherwise it's all luck based seems to me

20. Nikola,

You switched to foodball I think, but almost all games have a factor of luck and it only depends how large that factor is. There are a few strategy only games but not very popular. Anyways foodball has english rules now so you can at least see what determines your luck.

21. Sajad-Aliraqi,

I am talking about tennis. Scoring goals seems random

22. Nikola,

There are no goals in tennis.

23. Sajad-Aliraqi,

I don't know however it is, you just score and you get a clapping sound

24. Nikola,

Points. Obviously when your opponent either makes a mistake or runs out of time if the time limit is enabled you score a point. Also, the ball hits the net sometimes and that will make you lose a point, and that's the random part of it.

25. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Then I wish the time limit was more lesser

26. Nikola,

It is configurable depending on what you choose, and you do not even have to play with it so I do not see the issue.

27. Sajad-Aliraqi,

No I mean If it could be one or 2 second to expand the challenge.

28. Nikola,

Create a table tennis game and then look through the options for time limit. It can be up to 1,5 seconds. For a longer time it's really not worth playing with time limit. The limit is used to have fast games, not for hits to last 2 seconds. If you cannot play with the limit, then you should first practice without it.

29. george,

So guys! I created the ackount and all stuf, but i cant register on the application, and i can't play offline, it doesn't work.

30. Nikola,

Bugs reported as it doesn't work are useless. What happens when you try to play offline? Note that if you try to log in, you enter the username, not your actual first and last name you registered with.

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