Have you heard about a Team Talk server called Angels Clan?

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1. shodan ,

Hi all.
Here is the information about a server that I'm actually an administrator of.
Host: angels-clan.serveftp.com
ports: 10301
If you have some questions I shall answer. This server is getting eaven popular for me.

2. deathdragon,

never heard of it but will check it out.

3. Ramon-Salazar,

LOL, better known as the devils clan

Actually the server is too spammy and it's wors then The US Teamtalk server

4. Dayan,

I can agree with Gilgamesh.

5. deathdragon,

so, i shouldn't try it out then?

6. Mohammedradwan2003,

i got ban when i entered :D

7. play_romania1,

I think that the team talk server was deleted.

8. Mohammedradwan2003,

no i was there for 2 days or less

9. bloodsharp ,

you shouldn't try it, they do a lot of drama on there, and not fun drama, by drama i mean wars and other crap on there

10. deathdragon,

ah, well i am not geting myself in to a war.

11. FloydLawton,

stay away from this server as far as possible!
the owner of server, cookie is a very dangerous person and he is 999% one of those powerhungry blindies. even entring the server is a huge risk. he will force you to not to create channels on others servers not to mention forcing you to make him admin on your skype groups and servers.

12. Nikola,

Wow, blindy drama strikes. I want to see how will he force me, I cannot wait for that to happen.

13. musiclover,

no he is not he is my friend i know him he is nice

14. deathdragon,

okay, than why are bad things going on on that server. Isn't cookie the owner of that server.

15. FloydLawton,

he isn't your friend he is just waiting for an oppertunity to backstab you. eg me, he was using me to get admin on a server. don't believe me if you want but you'll get to know him sometime

16. bloodsharp ,

yes, while he seems a nice enough guy, him and his gang cause a lot of drama, they're also mean if you get on there bad side

17. The-Queen,

I've found a group of nice people and I'm sticking up with them. Drama can stay drama, just don't mess up in it and you'll be fine.

18. The-Queen,

Erny, for your info I am not in this server.
I have found friends elsewhere not associated with that angel's clan at all. Do not make assumptions before even knowing.

19. HermfyPermfy,

hay, i just said that you were involved cause a few posts back i saw that you were standing up for angels clan.

20. deathdragon,

okay. so ernie i went through the hole topic and no post from ammena that says that she was standing up for angles clang.

21. Lemonade,

If you look at the post in the context of the rest of the topic, it does sound that way. However it is also true that she never explicitly named the server. It looks like a simple misunderstanding, but I still don't get why someone felt the need to start calling people out after there haven't been any new posts to the topic for 8 days. I can only hope this will make said person think twice before doing this again.

22. HermfyPermfy,

sorry mina. First, i hadn't even seen the last posted date. and yeah. sorry again.

23. shodan ,

Oh, forget to tell you this guys, but Recently or 3 months ago I had a dissaliance with Cookie. The first reazon is that some Patrick Wilson guy was deleting my account from the server, I was with a friend of myne but I don't mention his name. For me he's my captain, since we formed a group called La Internacional. We then saw what happened and then we moved to the U.S. Server, Some Undertaker guy which was in that server (He's a friend and a captain of a similar and allied group, La Multinacional. He told us that since the deletion of my account of the server, it had a lack of leadership and behavior, so that was the reazon for being me he next leader, but my friend told me that we can start a revolution. That's was the reazon that I was leaving Angel's Clan for ever, although he wasn't a bad person, just that patrick kid who wanted to delete my account and me being admin again. The creator of the server isn't Cookie, is some man by the name of Brad "#I don't remember he's full name anyway".

24. HermfyPermfy,

brad is cookies hench men. self promotion, anyone can join tk.jennios.com ports 1033 difault account for now. we try to be a nice comunity, but because of cookie and angels clan we have a bad reputation. but go see us, and see for your self if we're bad or not

25. Ramon-Salazar,

@ernie19 Your Server is great, better than angels-clan and almost all Teamtalk servers, and BTW The ports are 10333

Zuletzt geändert von Ramon-Salazar, Nov 22 2018 19:04:58

26. HermfyPermfy,

lol woops. typed the port rong. thanks for clarifying. and thanks. Like i said before, we mostly stick to our lil group and we try to keep a kind nature within what we do. that is jennios. Visit our sight at https://jennios.com also.

27. FloydLawton,

ernie aren't you the one who is allied with cookie and your recordings are there, @shodon you don't want to but i'll mention his name luis carlos habibi :D and i think your name would be aaron preston

28. the-supreme-AI,

@ernie19 i just wana say that, even though i have uninstalled teamtalk and said to bloodsharp that i am done, that might not be true with jennios, lkl out

29. bloodsharp ,

okay, lkl, i will make this message very shot, your caused it to happen yourself, i will say no more on the matter

30. CathyAnne,

This is an interesting topic.
I didn't know there was an Ernie 19 server. What is it again? I'm staying away from cookie's henchmen and cookie.

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