Have you heard about a Team Talk server called Angels Clan?

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61. Vojvoda ,

Helleon is right when he said you need lives, better tell me how's the weather outside.

62. HermfyPermfy,

our server is now account based. to create an account, you can go to https://jennios.com/tt.html

63. The-Queen,

You really need something more useful to do than backbiting each other.
And, the weather here is rainy not too cold for a winter.
Hope you have a nice day!

64. AlirezaNosrati,

aw come on guys you all are like each other
jennios gets access to your computer and steals all your files and stuff,
cookie brainwash's you and makes you give him everything you have, yeah the guy is that strong.
charlie and patrick, just a few actors who act like they hate cookie but they get your files and give it to him again,
and gabdylan, same angels clan.
of course this all can be avoided if you are smart.

65. Nikola,

It would be really kind and appreciated if you could move this topic to a blindy dramas forum, not to the forum of a successful gaming platform. Thanks.

66. HermfyPermfy,

rofl some people love spouting outlandish crap. How can we get all your files from a tt server? thats kind of not possible enless you yourself upload it. hahaha how stupid can people be? and who cares about cookies dromma and angels clan? really?

67. Lemonade,

You care about it enough to be one of the top posters on this thread. Do us all a favor and knock it off, perhaps the rest will take the hint and follow. And actually mean it this time.

68. AlirezaNosrati,

well ernie the stolen files you uploaded on jennios.com says it all,
you could get arrested for this jennios.com/cookie.rar
not to mention all those stolen sounds you've uploaded.

69. HermfyPermfy,

and what is that? went to it and i get a 404 and nothing in the web dircetory in that name and the only reason i post back alcamist is because i am difending my self like any other person who's rep is trying to get taken down would

70. AlirezaNosrati,

wow man how did you delete it that fast?

71. HermfyPermfy,

didnt. rofl. just shows how your tring to trash without proof bro. and then you skype me asking why don't we like you. cause you love to trole and make up roomers

72. StormProductions,

You can also make an account on my server now: http://storm-productions.tk/tt.html

73. Ramon-Salazar,

The Weather here is slightly cold, about 32°Fahrenheit, -1° C

@AlirezaNosrati it isn't true, We know earny well

74. HermfyPermfy,

lets see if storms is a clone of ours roflroflroflrofl now the tt creation clones? oh boy and thanks ramon. i Guess just let them se for themselfs and judge on there own. The only thing that bothers me is that they read posts like alerizas and take it as face value.

75. StormProductions,

First of all, I couldn't clone your php because it's impossible to get the tt.php file without having access to your jennios FTP to which I don't have any password. So I used another script for sure.

76. helleon,

Seriously take it somewhere else. Admins - I suggest the thread be locked.

77. Vojvoda ,

When I told to admins to do this I got a response that I am the only one who complained

78. YNWA,

Not shocked to be honest! sometimes people just give up hence no more complaints!

79. HermfyPermfy,

rofl. just wondering, but besides the known troles, how is this topic breaking rules? people are advertising there tt servers hence me and storm, and storm i was kidding with you about the tt creation clones. btw. and that is all. just wondering

80. the-supreme-AI,

playroom rules, no advertising?

81. Vojvoda ,

If I create a discussion daily chat, it is not breaking any rules, I can write messages with my friends every day, discuss many things. Sometimes things don't make sense even if they don't break rules. That's why helpers should come in and stop such stupidities as this topic but hey, we all should make a petition for closing a topic on the forum.

82. YNWA,

I am sad to say it but the Helpers job in the English section has become a closed job for life for the privileged few and as long as this is the case the PR will not be able to expand properly such as Translations etc. This does not mean that helpers are doing a terrible job but they do need to ensure there are more helpers and make it not a closed shop as it has been over the last 2 years.

83. Mayank ,

I'm afraid this is now an exercise in self-reflection.
Guys, it's easy to skip over the posts that you think is not worth your attention. I agree this post has reached it's end a few times over but pass on rather than going off topic and start calling each other out or discussing the state of the helpers or start talking about the weather, which is not remotely related to the topic. If you call this stupidity you're just adding to it.
If you've already brought this to the attention of the admins then leave it to them to resolve it rather than taking it in your own hands.

Time to close this topic I would think. Much of this is a chat between a couple of people that can be carried on elsewhere.

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