Season 2, Uno league.

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31. randomrob,

You must listen to your players. Many players are saying they will play if there is no time limit. But how many say they won't play without time limit?

32. BellaCat6666,

Count me in. I can play with time limit or none so no matter to me.

33. berniesanderslover,

i am in

34. Adventure-Time,

Write my name down! Hope I haven't forgotten the rules yet. I'm cool with time limit although I'd be pleased if there was no limit.

35. Ferrumite,

Hey guise, please count me in. I can play with time limit, but there is still a question if a players net disconnects or what ever so I have to agree with people who said that we shouldn't have time limit.

36. randomrob,

Please get rid of time limit and organise tournament propperly. People have expressed unease with the format, you must address it, or the league will start and there will be no organisation.

37. Fawaz,

Hey everyone,
Rob only very few people have concerns with the time limit, the problem if there is not timelimit as most people know, some players only dipend on card organizing as we have seen in some previous tournaments, and that was never been fare.
As well not all the players who registed will be included in the final list, we have a format, so we have to restrict participents count.
and since the rules are announced correctly, I don't think there is an organizing issue so far.
even so, we'll discuss again matter of time limit and see what we can do.
best of luck.

38. randomrob,

time limit is still a very recent thing. It's not fair that a game could be lost because of a time limit issue. I definitely won't be playing then. enjoy the league everyone. But I have concerns wit hthe organisation.

39. Mazdak ,

Guies, when this competation will be organized?

40. YNWA,

It is up to the organisers what rules they set out for the tournament as it is for Playroom users if they wish to subscribe to that tournament or not. Just because you don't agree with those rules doesn't mean Fawaz and Krrish are bad organisers. You have to only read the forum to see what a success they have made of any tournament they have hosted directly or indirectly in the past.

41. MagicalKrrish,

Let me clear up few things here, When I decide the rules of any tournament which I organise, it just not depends only on my personal decitions! I receive alot of feetbacks and comments after each individual tournaments which I organise. Before, i introduced time limit to my last tournament, the basic feetback were players taking alot of time in organising the cards and drawing Unnecesserly, so this forced me to introduced time limit in my last uno tournament. So each experiences comes with different lessons and learnings, for instants, when last uno league was organised then we had alot of issues. So this time I thought make it different! But as Fawaz has mentioned we are still in disscussions about the time limit, I was away from Playroom for a while so couldn't get in touch with him. Its not about organising, once i form my team they start to work in the background so people can be asure of a great uno league coming up. My coming league is all about communications and I m sure it won't be that hard.

I m not against anyones decitions about their views and all, If you think You can organise league better then me then, you are most welcome to do it and run it your way, rather than pointing fingers at my organisation.

Thank You.

42. me-me,

well. at the first i also was confused with time limit rule, but after the last tournament , realised that it was fun and also necessary to play with limit. if some of you guys are concerned according the fact that the connection can be lost while playing or so, the table can be saved so you wont take points. anyway i am shure the organisers also have thought a solution about this thing too. so lets enjoy the uno league!

43. Everyone,

A few things here. I'm not sure what is meant by the time limit being recent, it's existed for over a year, maybe two. People have had plenty of time to adapt, whether they did or did not choose to is not the problem of the organizers.
The sorting of cards being a problem is actually a valid concern IMO. I know I do this sometimes, but I also have no problem not doing it... It's just part of the game to be able to think fast if you play with time limit. If you're worried about people having slow connections, then you might as well get rid of all the straights/interception rules. Because I'm not going to lie, i do think the people who don't have to worry about much lag (which includes myself) are still at an advantage no matter what. There's simply not very much which can be done about that. How many people have you heard complain about uno tournaments with interception rules being unfair because their connections are always going to be inferior? What do you tell those people? Yes, lets organize the next tournament with just +2 and +4 responses and bluffs? Many people with slower connections have always participated, and will still do so, because they just suck it up.
Again, I think it'd be good if there is some statement made which instructs people on what to do in case of a connection drop, especially if they are going to run their own tables. Saving/restoring has already been mentioned, which does help solve the problem somewhat. But I do worry a little bit about potential abuse (intentionally dropping your connection so you'd get out of a sticky situation). I'm not sure if it can actually happen, but the theoretical possibility is certainly there. It would be nice to get some more info about that.

44. Cristina,

It is impossible to know in 5 seconds if someone got disconnected, therefore to save and restore the table will not help the disconnected player to not get penalty points.

Maybe the organizers will find another solution to solve that issue.

Good luck guys!

45. Everyone,

@Cristina yes, I already thought of that too, and I was going to post a suggestion for that. I just did so, so check it out if you want. Lets hope this solves at least part of the problem!

46. randomrob,

If players are organising their own matches, and the table masters connection drops, then the table cannot be saved. so this is not really a valid point. Krish, calm down, pointing fingers at your organisation, as you put it, is not my intention. I want to help, me and someone else have offered to help as I'm not the only person who thinks that this system will be flawed. As it hasn't been mentioned, I'll explain.
So, if players organise their own matches, you must trust the word of the players in question. What happens if I am playing a match against a friend of mine, near the end of the compotition. Now, if I win, I win the league, if he wins, nothing will happen, so he wins, but he says, well, I want you to win the league, so we'll tell krish that you won.
Equally two people who are not so friendly. they play a match, and one says he won, and the other says he won. It won't work.
Not to mention the fact that if people have to organise their own games, against random people with many different time limits, things can get confusing. SOme peopel won't have a problem with it for sure, but some people will. And I don't think games will be played. If there is no fixed time for matches, then how long do we wait? and who's fault is it.
I could say, I showed up for the match but my oponent wasn't there, he could say the same.
So please, less of the passive-aggressive comments, I am trying to help. I worked as an events organiser, I'm not saying this just because I have a problem with the time limit, even though that would be a big contribution towards me not playing.

47. Ferrumite,

if you don't like the time limit don't play. if you really want to play in a tournament organize one your self.

48. randomrob,

thanks for this fantastic insightful comment, your inteligence bedazzles me.

49. Raki,

Hey, people with the if-you-don't-like-it-don't-play, or the create-your-own-tournament attitude need to stop. A league’s been created and it would be counterproductive and make absolutely no sense if I went off and say, created my own league. All I see is people voicing concerns and giving opinions on how they personally would like to improve the format.

So, hopefully now I’m permitted to give my opinion without being told to go off and create my own tournament, thanks.

The primary issue I see is that there will be no neutral observer/organiser and fixed time for these games. This will cause many problems - time limit being one of them. I actually think that the time limit could be managed if there’s a third person there, watching, and controlling the table. However, it’s still going to be hard as its difficult to here if someone disconnects on time due to all the other noises.

Rob touched on some of the issues But the greatest issue I see is where the players will have to organise 2-3 matches themselves each week. Not only are people in different time zones but we’re assuming that all players will reply and communicate with each other on time and will have compatible times with 3 different players in 3 different time zones living 3 different lives.

I personally know how hard it is to organise something like this. I hope it’s understood that my criticism isn’t personal or directed towards Krrish or Fawaz as I know both of them are and will work hard for this league, I’m only putting in my 2 sense worth for the league

50. Ferrumite,

@ rokky, Aren't one of the organizers or who ever are all reddy at the table? because then one of the players can for example, try to cheet because he is the table master. stop the game, kick the other one out, etc. I know that it sounds stupid but, that's the point that you should consider. @randomrob didn't want to affend you in anyway, just was saying what \i was thinking.

51. Raki,

Sorry, I'm not getting the point you're trying to make. I'm not against organisers being present at the tables if that's what you meant. This is why I said the primary issue is that there won't be any fixed time or organiser present.

Latest edition by Raki, Aug 30 2017 22:11:25

52. MagicalKrrish,

I did mentioned in my first post when i started to register players that more details will follow up as the time goes on. In my initial post I gave few hints, which were enough for a player to decide whether to take part or no and based on that major rules and format people did decided their participation. If you go back I haven't mention times and dates yet this details was put on hold because I will be out of my native country and will have to adjust to my adopted country for 10 months. That's why I holded back the times and the start date for the league because I got to settle in well before this huge responsibilty could be handled. I would have given a fixed time by the end of the week to run all the failed matches. To solve about people lieing or giving false informations, I will require results with the hystory of the game. There are functions which are already exist in the playroom, but we aren't making use of it. People should have waited for the details after the closing of the registeration date, as i've mentioned we are working in the background, there will be something about all the rising questions.

I would have looked for helpers as the time came closer which finer details and all.

Anyways sorry if my last post offended anyone here. Your suggestions are fine and We'll take that into consideration.

Its not about individual, its all about all!


53. policeman1,

Yo all i think you guys forgetting krrish always has been very good making tourney effective. The time limit is a personal choice and I think you should all calm down there is not going to be bs who won or lost. This tourney going to be well organized like from the past tourneys. If you crying and moaning than you should not be in it because you guys forgetting the organizers and they will be mindful when they made their rules. Now lets start this thing and and either way I will be the champion!.

54. Vojvoda,

Let's just forget this discussion and support Policeman1 in becoming a champion!

55. policeman1,

I will be supportive on that topic as well! Lets go playing wiald 4 and uno out for champion with double booms!.

56. Ferrumite,

Yea! Cheers to policeman1! And, of corse for organizers for even strarting this leag. Smiles

57. Angelina-princess,

Yo, love your comment & I'll cheer for u popo. this will your first champion then. :)

58. musiclover,

i will be the champ

59. dalibor,

I will be champion for surre not policeman usa down ole serbiaaaaaaaa haha

60. policeman1,

Serbia will go down before the semi final so get your popcorn ready and let U S take the trofee!.

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