Season 2, Uno league.

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61. YNWA,

Just don't finnish in the bottom two, If you do you will be relegated and will have to play in the RS Uno league next season! lol.

62. Ferrumite,

Serbia will win, but It will be me! hahahahahahaha

63. dalibor,

serbia be fhirst wineeeeeer big boooom and police down U.S.A DOOOOOOOOOOOWN

64. Ferrumite,

yeah, cheers to crivinals! hahahahahaha.

65. fire-starter,

well, i could just sign up and don't play my match instead say some bullshit and not play the match, its better that there is a table with a organiser/helper present in my opinion

66. Fawaz,

We'll have the history file and you know the point will goes to who, secondly, I hope this isn't play school!

67. Ferrumite,

agree with firestarter. about sending history files, I think that it still can abuzed, like, someone saved it, and then changed some tings so it points to unother person or misses something out.

68. randomrob,

Very good points. with no organiser present also, people will be able to set the rules to whatever they want.

69. BellaCat6666,

Let's do this USA! Fuck serbia lol

70. Vojvoda,

Oh USA is still dreaming

71. dalibor,

u.s.a always dreaming that is nothing new and nothing special for por usa hahahaha.

72. fire-starter,

so lets say. you can modify the history file, and i know people will make abuse of it..... it always hapends
thats basicly why i don't participate.
and i agree with dalibor

73. Nikola,

Well guys, if you're childish and immature you can abuse any tournament. Even with organisers present, there are multiple examples of what you can do to abuse. A friend letting you win, asking someone else to play using your account and so on. The reason you're playing the league is to have fun, not to constantly accuse people of cheating. There's no perfect solution to abusing rules and there probably wont ever be.

74. me-me,

yeah i agree with you nikola. hey guys. why to be so negative ? why you should think of braking rules, manipulating the history or hiding the real results of any game, in stead of being positive and to think how to make this as better as we all can. the uno league is to have fun and to chalenge each other in the game , its not about winning any prise . even in the most important competitions , the players never think how to manipulate the scores or all that. let's play all and have fun. let's make it less complicated and take away the negative thoughts guys. nobody has to cheat and manipulate scores. it's up to all of us to make it great! so let's just do it!

75. Ferrumite,

I agree that leag is for fun, but does everyone think so? and, I have never acuzed anyone of cheeting, that was only a possibility.

76. Angelina-princess,

Well, the supposition that you gave it could be happened. However, it also depends on our mind and behavior. For example, the result of match between playerA & playerB would be changed vice versa; that doesn't mean nobody knows it. Even you could go over everyone but you couldn't lie yourself. That means it depends on our honest and if you could hide it; but one day if everyone knows it, whether you feel shy?Would you be able to comfortable and confident to face with all players here?
Win or lost are very normal in a game. So I think, uno league is a place where we can entertain, exchange the experience and relax with enjoyableness. Therefore, I believe that all of us who had participated will fair play. Why should we cheat? Will we get a diamond for the champion?
In the life, we can give any suppose from positive to negative which we want. Because it might just exist in our own imagine. And if that can be controlled by our actions why do we not try to do our best to make evrything better?
Let's take your easy and have enjoy guys!

Latest edition by Angelina-princess, Sep 6 2017 04:28:19

77. BellaCat6666,

So, after all is said and done, when does this big event actually take place?

78. fire-starter,

well, my intention was not to say that you all are justa bunch of cheaters, but it just hapends all the time so yeah. Not just on here, people who come like oh yeah, i won the this and the that and so on, while they actually just modified a history file and thats it

79. Everyone,

FireStarter, Can you give me an example of an instance where this modifying history files happened in a tournament? I am thinking of one... and drawing a blank.

80. policeman1,

Its so blank I cannot even see that shit!.

81. Vojvoda,

Someone turn on the lights in this playroom. Electricity is not that expensive!

82. me-me,

lol guys.

83. Ferrumite,

lol? what lights. and anyway we don't care sinse aminiel is paying all that for us. :D

84. Cristina,

Aminiel pays for the electricity and they asked the light to see.

Let them hope to lose their blindness if the light will be brought on the playroom. :D

By the way, it would be nice if those who spend more time on playroom, would donate some money for the electricity. I should be the first, :D :D

85. musiclover,

lol that sis funny

86. balasana ,

Just let the competition happen guys. The worst thing can happen is Krish having to host the league in Japanese. I just promised Krish my fancy paper aeroplanes to deliver the winning prize! GL all.

87. policeman1,

Ya Bal the winner will get a car for the blind!.

88. Fawaz,

Hey guys,
As we mentioned in the post, we've been collecting names till 10th, now we're closing the registration.
players registered more than we expected, so unfortunately will have to put some players on the waiting list, otherwise will be an endless league, especially its a new format we're testing for the first time.
the schedule will be out soon, stay tuned!

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