Uno Tournament is back.

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1. MagicalKrrish,

Hey people,

The uno tournament tradition is back!
As you all know my team usually runs a tournament before the end of the year therefore, this time is the same popular game which I and fawaz going to host again. The tournament will be played on the Saturday the 21st December and Sunday the 22nd of december, 2019.
The tournament will commenced at 17:00 western, 9:00am central, 10:00 AM eastern US, 3:00pm UK 4:00pm Egypt, Albania and some other European countries, 5:00pm turkey and middle east and some eastern cities, 7:30pm in India and some other Asian countries, 2:00Am in Fiji and Australia and some other pacific Island countries.


  1. We will be taking only 32 players for the tournament.
  2. We will have 8 groups of 4 players, where players will face off each other and the best 2 from each group will make it to next round.
  3. The rules will be as usual, Plus 2 and 4 responses are allowed, no skipping after drawing, interceptions, super interceptions, bluffs and a time limit of 5 seconds.

If any questions then contact me or Fawaz for this tournament.

Kind regards,


Graphic Thumb emoticon.

2. BellaBlack666,

Count me in for certain. But what is the end score? For each round

3. Fawaz,

Starting will be 350, increesing 50 by each round.
good luck all.

4. dalibor,

count me in

5. ragnar,

I want too

6. mogosog,

I'd also like to participate.

7. unolover,

can u put me in

8. BellaBlack666,

No offense, but you didn't show up to the last one so why would any of us believe that you'll show up this time? I mean you didn't show up to the ones to go put tournaments.

9. captain-nemo,

Hello guys. Count me in

10. Lemonade,

Sure! Playing on this laptop has been a bit of a pain, but I'll try. And perhaps hook up an external keyboard if I can be bothered.

11. Vojvoda ,

Okay let's try

12. undertaker,

yeah sure man, me in cheers

13. sir-yazan ,

count me in please, thanks a lot

14. policeman1,

put down! the champion police may need to try to win another championship ring!.

15. mr.pilot,

Count me in please

16. TheRainmaker,

I am there

17. memetucuk,

count me in please.

18. bogdanionut,

Hello, count me in please

19. Basti,

Count Me in please

20. ragnar,

Hello, count me in please

21. Guido,

hello , anoted mi , please

22. mohammed_albasha,

count me

23. mauro13 ,

count me in

24. Angelina-princess,

How can I be absent in this event? :)
Let's go!

25. fatih-arslan,

count me in please

26. berniesanderslover,

when is the tourni i am interested depending on the date

27. Vojvoda ,

Post clearly says 21 and 22 december

28. unolover,

at bell i will be there and i will win

29. hassanraza03,

count me in

30. MagicalKrrish,

We have noted most of the names who have replied to this post. There are few spots available so do let your friends know if they are interested to come on board as well. We will close the ragisteration officially tomorrow before putting up the match ups.

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