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31. Aminiel,

Update of 8th of March 2015

A surprise news, and not a small thing, also appeared in this release. Try to find it !
Small clue: space pizza

32. Aminiel,

Update of 14th of March 2015

You can now subscribe to a forum, so that you are notified by e-mail when a new message is posted.

33. Aminiel,

Update of 28th of August 2015 :

34. Aminiel,

Update of 17th November 2015

1000 miles: Key I now gives information / game state only for yourself, and that's now Shift+I that gives information for all players. Suggested by jeremyp3.

Latest edition by Aminiel, Nov 18 2015 12:54:52

35. Aminiel,

Update of 1st December 2015 :

36. Aminiel,

2015 Christmas update :

37. Aminiel,

Update of 27th March 2016

38. Aminiel,

Update of 8th of October 2016

The web client got a major update:

Latest edition by Aminiel, Oct 9 2016 00:49:50

39. Aminiel,

Update of 17th of December 2016:

40. Aminiel,

Update of 29.01.2017:

41. Aminiel,

Update of 9th of July 2017

42. Aminiel,

Update of 28th of September 2017:

43. Aminiel,

News of 15th of november 2017:
Renewed the site and the web client. For more info, see the associated news topic.

News of 27th of May 2018:
Beginning the progressive distribution of the windows client in version 2.2.8. This version fix a few bugs and connection to playroom is from now on by default in SSL.

44. Aminiel,

Update of 12th of October 2018

Release two new games:

45. Aminiel,

Update of 5th of January 2019:

Latest edition by Aminiel, Jan 5 2019 18:34:34

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