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31. Aminiel,

Update of 8th of March 2015

  • Farkle: C key works also even if it isn't your turn
  • Added /add and /accept commands
  • From now on, new accounts aren't allowed to talk, send PM, or add friends during their 3 first days

A surprise news, and not a small thing, also appeared in this release. Try to find it !
Small clue: space pizza

32. Aminiel,

Update of 14th of March 2015

You can now subscribe to a forum, so that you are notified by e-mail when a new message is posted.

33. Aminiel,

Update of 28th of August 2015 :

  • 1000 miles: definitive fix of the bug, which allowed from time to time to make a dirty trick with unrelated cards, e.g. an unflattenable against an accident.
  • Preparations for a future IPv6 support, part 1/3

34. Aminiel,

Update of 17th November 2015

1000 miles: Key I now gives information / game state only for yourself, and that's now Shift+I that gives information for all players. Suggested by jeremyp3.

Latest edition by Aminiel, Nov 18 2015 12:54:52

35. Aminiel,

Update of 1st December 2015 :

  • New in Rami, Spades, Tarot, Jass and 1000 miles: if there is a tie, a new round is started, even if the score limit or the fixed number of rounds have been reached.
  • Change in Rami: it is now always possible to make rami even if the minimum number of points needed for a first meld isn't reached, except in games without discard pile.
  • New in free table: table master can activate dice rolls and coin tosses with command /rolls, then /NdF and /Nc, N=nb. rolls/tosses, F=nb. die faces.
  • New in Monopoly: new board Latin-America
  • Upgraded to Java 8

36. Aminiel,

2015 Christmas update :

  • New games: backgammon and belote
  • Tarot: in games with 5 players, according to the official rules of FFT (France tarot federation), it isn't allowed to start the first trick with the called suit. But it is possible to start with the exact card called. (Example: if the king of hearts is called, you aren't allowed to start the first trick with hearts, but you can start with the king of hearts). This later possibility is now also available on the playroom.
  • • Tarot: fixed bugs in scoring with poignées and petit au bout.
  • Tarot: fixed bugs in scoring in games with 6 players in case there are only 2 attackers instead of 3. Score repartition in these cases can now be 1/2-1/2, 2/3-1/3 or 5/6-1/6 depending on where were the called cards.
  • Jass: match is now worth 257 points (bonus of 100 points)
  • Jass: fixed a bug which allowed to choose trump after having passed to the parthner. Signaled by YNWA.
  • Forum: fixed bugs related to subscriptions, whcih whether didn't work, or redirected to random topics after subscription/unsubscription.

37. Aminiel,

Update of 27th March 2016

  • Important update to the friend list, of which the capacity doubled for the occasion
  • PM work again as before; a letter case bug has been solved
  • Backgammon: fixed a bug when restoring a game

38. Aminiel,

Update of 8th of October 2016

The web client got a major update:

  • Bug fixed on firefox 49+ and Safari 10+ which prevent input dialog boxes from poping up
  • Definitive disappearance of flash for browsers that are uncompatible with websockets
  • Added support for Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8 and 9. Portable braille notetakers which run under an old windows CE embedding a light version of IE7 or IE8 should also work
  • Added support for Microsoft Edge

Latest edition by Aminiel, Oct 9 2016 00:49:50

39. Aminiel,

Update of 17th of December 2016:

  • The website and the web client can now work with HTTPS, making the communications between you and the playroom server encrypted and thus protected from malicious people. Warning: this doesn't work yet for windows client, for which communications are still in clear. We hope also to support secure communication in the windows client soon.
  • Bug fixed in monopoly, which blocked sometimes a game because of an undeclared bankrupt

40. Aminiel,

Update of 29.01.2017:

  • Improvement Yahtzee: when doing a yahtzee, you can now put 30 or 40 points in any row
  • Improvement farkle: bots have been made slightly smarter
  • Bug uno: when the timer expired, an extra turn were skipped when the card drawn wasn't playable
  • Bug spades: the number of tricks bid wasn't correct during the betting phase
  • Bug belote: the cancel option was passing instead of cancelling i the menu take/pass/cancel

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