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Nikola 44 Aminiel,



spectator flag

alkelios 2 darth_sidious,

Playroom mobile app

WAR-and-electronics 15 Pran,

suggesting a way that chess bots could be implemented

Rory101 3 Moriarty,

A new option in uno.

marmarmar 2 marmarmar,

Spades: A few issues and suggestions

Nikola 0 Nikola,

1000 miles minor adjustment.

marmarmar 2 marmarmar,

a sound for kick from tables

The-Chaos 33 facelessghost,

Play music in the game room. question and suggestions.

facelessghost 1 Fawaz,

Duck racing: adjustments and balance

Aminiel 16 facelessghost,

The Game Of Life

roxyravenheart 2 Robertt,

Private message Ctrl m shortcut

Nikola 4 Time_traveller555,

Suggestion to Slovak Monopoly board

Giovani 6 Giovani,

Spotify stream

Giovani 4 Giovani,

a suggestion I have for finding tables easily

Rory101 3 Nikola,

Pausing the game on a phone

Twannieboy 4 Nikola,

An @friends argument in chat?

Eithan 4 Nikola,

Sugestion with the forum, latest participations.

Onisama 0 Onisama,

new board for ducks race

Rory101 5 whozitken,

really cool game

whozitken 1 darth_sidious,

Some suggestions for backgammon

Master-Chief 8 Cristina ,

Rules for the game The eternal second.

facelessghost 3 facelessghost,

How can this be a peaceful community...

StormProductions 40 ilyas,

Expansion of social features

Gushasad 7 Fawaz,

new game

Alirezas 0 Alirezas,

Cribbage Bugs in the Mobile Client

RosieKitty 0 RosieKitty,

A suggestion for online player lists

Sajad-Aliraqi 3 Sajad-Aliraqi,

Suggestion: /roll (args)

Eithan 1 Qais,

A suggestion about i and shift plus I in 1000 miles

Nikola 0 Nikola,

1000 miles, a different sound for cons sense and end of cons sense

Nikola 9 Aminiel,

Aliases, anyone?

Time_traveller555 3 Time_traveller555,

Uno 0 7 rule suggestion

Vojvoda 12 Fawaz,

A minor Poker suggestion

Nikola 0 Nikola,

Spades, optional blind nill rule

Nikola 2 Nikola,

A few Chess questions

Nikola 9 Aminiel,

playing Connect Four

GoldenWisdom 2 soundarya,

Why there is a friend before the status msg in the friend list?

Fawaz 70 GoldenWisdom,

Flipping the colour in chess for spectators

Rincewind 2 Rincewind,

A quick shortcut in Uno to find out the remaining time

Nikola 5 Nikola,

Bouillabaisse suggestion

Vojvoda 6 YNWA,

Triple Triad

Saamaan 4 Saamaan,

Terrible bots in spades

Vojvoda 1 Aminiel,

wishes, some of which were probably said long ago

Kristen_Star 9 StormProductions,

new game

berniesanderslover 22 YNWA,

Team Chat for 1000 Miles

StormProductions 17 Aminiel,

a dice battle game on the playroom?

Rory101 14 Vojvoda ,

a suggestion for some games get rid of cads games

Rory101 12 Rory101,

Random kicking of players, and some suggestions for fixing it.

ethan714 2 helleon,

a suggestion for bots

Rory101 7 jonnyboy1991,

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