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1. Adventure-Time,

Yoooo folxxx!!!!
I hope you're doing amazing and awesome because well.. I am.
So me and my very great fellow Diana have been once again playing some scopa duels, and we've come up with a new super cool variant of this super mega epic game. We've called it scopone muerto cus we are random, and also we find this title quite cool n fitting with the game play. The rules are very easy:
Man would play with the same number of cards as in the scopone variant. All cards would be the same as well as the scoring process, except the fact the points would be counted negatively. This means that you start with a certain number of points and during the game you're losing them instead of gaining, just like in ninety nine for instance. Thus, the objective is obviously to avoid losing ur points and picking up as few cards as possible. Sounds easy? You'd get surprised how the game changes and all the tactical moves you developped when playing scopone escoba are needless, you need to find yourself some new aces to put in yo sleav.
We think this variant could be quite funny to play and it could add some new special elements to the game. What are your opinions peeps?
Best regards,
A-T and Diana

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2. NovaLenada ,

Indeed, we were thinking a lot in these last days about this new variant, and we think it could be a great game. as A-T said, it could be like ninety nine, and... if this new variant is added, also could be added the normal scopa, exactly the same variants that we have for now, but reversed. While we were playing the game, we saw it is actually not bad idea, because you also have to think a lot about which cards you should put, and you have to think in strategies, as in the other games, so there is not difference, also interesting, also funny and also about to think how and when to play your cards.
I hope this new variant be concidered, and I hope it be as enjoyable as is for us.

3. LaraStardust,

it certainly has my support in this matter

4. majoz,

Well, why not? It could bring something new, and new things are wanted as long as humans are on the earth. :D So, thumbs up!

5. dalimidvecimidvenedali,

Good, but realy good idea. Also i am woting for... :D

6. Riad,

Hey. It isn't a bad idea at all, but it might be boring after a while for 1, and a ninety-nine clone for 2, I know the gameplay is different but some of the ideas are the same, just my thoughts.

7. wolfi,

hmmm I don't think it's good actually

8. Lemonade,

I like this idea for sure!

9. wolfi,

but this thing is for ninety nine man, that way many people might hate ninety nine. right?

10. NovaLenada ,

Hmmm, no, is just one more variant, as actually many games have already, is like say farkle and shut the boxes are the same, because the people is just pressing enter, and it is about don't collect any card so who makes a scopa, or who collects the 7 of diamonds or more sevens or diamonds will be the person who loses, is not about just go losing points, you also should think which card you should play to make your oponent to collect cards, and then, if your oponent collects more cards, sevens, diamonds, or makes more scopas he will be who loses... I hope to be understandable, I think, I am not, but well... I tried. :D

11. wolfi,

maybi but farkle is a little bit different than shut the boxess and I prefer farkle so each game must have its own idea but nice try and good idea dear friend

12. NovaLenada ,

Exactly, I wanted one answer like this one from you... But is the same, this scopa is not exactly like 99

13. LaraStardust,

quiet feeling you missed the point completely.
What diana and i think a few others are saying is, there are games that you could say are similar already: so in the example, farcle and shut the boxes are similar in nature, so because shut the boxes was introduced did people suddenly start hating farcle?
so in that case why would people hate 99 because of scopa
basically, its a great idea heh

14. wolfi,

oh, my bad rofl.

15. NovaLenada ,

well maybe we can't do it as 99, just who has more points is who loses and is nothing similar to 99, just is a reversed scopa

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