Translating of quick help in new game

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1. Giovani,

I have one suggestion.
Can somebody translate, what is in this new game? I think on quick help, because this is in French language and I don't understand French.
Thank You!

2. each-and-everythinh ,

if you mean the eternal second , it will be translated probably though it only says press c to know the cards on the table or numbers 1 through 9 to list them one by one , press t to know who's turn it is and press s to view scores.

3. laila.ali,

can translate to arabic also those game?

4. florianionascu7,

And romanian please, it is an important romanian comunity on this platform.

5. luis20,

Wow many languages to come I'm so crazy.

6. helleon,

i do not think individual games are going to be translated in the near future. Realistically, it would mean translating all games on the platform into that language

7. Jeff-Rutkowski,

Assuming all games share some common strings like drawing and discarding cards and the standard decks are used, there wouldn't be a whole lot of major translating to do if new card and dice games are added.
However, if new games that deviate from the norm, a lot of new strings would have to be created and translated. Quiz party is a perfect example of this.

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