Adding Cards Against Humanity

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1. UnseenFyre,

Hi there! I know that another gaming platform already has this, but I think Cards Against Humanity would be an excellent addition to your repertoire here. Since this site allows us to play with sighted friends, Cards Against Humanity would be excellent because we could play alongside our friends as they use tablets or smartphones to access the client via the web. You could even create expansions using the expansion cards. Just a suggestion, and hopefully one you guys will consider. Keep up the great work!

2. Saniel_Morse,


IN my opinion it wouldn't be a great idea because as far as I know from some people who played this game, a high-english level is required; do not forget that the most of users is not native english speakers, therefore those who aren't very good at english could have a hard time.

Obviously the rules can seem something unknown if we haven't played it before, but the game mechanics make it more difficult. I recall I tried to play it but I can't, so I explained it to some players and I was told me what I am saying.

I rather think we need other game ideas here, so that the gaming experience would be more interesting and fun for everyone.

Best regards.

Latest edition by Saniel_Morse, Sep 18 2016 17:15:00

3. Giovani,

And also, You'll be banned also for those requests here!

4. fire-starter,

banned? oh ... Why should someone get banned for requesting a new game? Just wondering

5. Everyone,

Don't think this is a good idea either, but... Being banned? Just LOL.

6. helleon,

it is stated above that this would require a high level of english. well yeah that's true but you could say the same thing for the little exam. yeah it would be a great adition

7. YNWA,

Personally I would prefer to see Apples to Apples rather than cards against humanity. For those that don't know Cards against humanity is for players that are over 18 so I don't know if that would be an issue for the Admin here. Also Apples to Apples And cards against humanity is an American card game not English so I don't know some of the people that are on the cards. In apples to Apples people are given Cards that may include famous people, monuments etc. You have to match your card to the Green card that will have some words. So for example if you have the words horrible, nasty, vile, and despicable you will be asked to match those words with one of your cards. You may think that School Dinners would be a better choice than say Harrison ford. The rest of the players will submit their cards. If you are the judge you may have to Choose between School Dinners, Donald Trump, A Nuclear War and A holiday to the UK. I think most of you would prefer any of those to a nuclear war! However, as Judge I can choose a card because I personally dislike that suggestion or choose it because I think it is funny, it is up to me.

With the little exam people have to think of answers and write them down so of course if people think they can't answer they won't play as they may feel they look stupid. With Apples to apples you can select a card even if you don't properly understand the question and still be picked. Even if you are Judge you can select whatever you want so that is ok too. I have played Apples to Apples with people that don't have English as their first language and they love it. Remember there is no time limit so it is possible to explaine things if they need any help. People will like it if they want to improve their English as they will get to learn new words.

One of the issues that could be an obsticle is the different languages the game would need to be translated into, I don't know how it would work in Russian, French or German for example. Maybe each translator would have to make the game rellivant for each particular language. If that is the case then that could make this game a non-starter.

8. basket,

I think the idea is fantastic. Until it's been added, let's satisfy our desires to play such games by playing on RS.

9. RedHawk,

I'm sorry, according to that logic, that platform shouldn't have ever existed because it'd require high level of French. You guys are so mind boggling.

10. grobar ,

that's actually true, this is english server and well playroom rules even say that you need to speak english on tables so... yeah everyone on the server should speak it. And also if you aren't so good at english and you know that you can't play the game you'll just not play it

11. Vojvoda,

As I said every nev game is great. all people cannot like one game.

12. TheBlindProdegy,

I think it's a good idea. rs has it. why not this one? and I agree with what was said.

13. Aminiel,


For some reasons, we aren't going to add a potentially harmful game for people under 18.

However, apple to apples might be interesting, to one condition: is it a pure american/enlglish game, or does it exist in french, spanish, etc. ? Only to that condition it can be interesting to add it, otherwise not.

Then someone will have to send me the entire card list and the rules, because I don't have this game, and I will need at least one card list for each of the 4 main language (french, English, spanish and italian).
To the end that's quite some work, but not impossible.

Latest edition by Aminiel, Oct 1 2016 13:32:49

14. sound2,

So far, I've only seen an english speaking verssion of the game, apples to apples that is. There may be other verssions, I don't know.

15. Saniel_Morse,

But if there is not a spanish version, for example, why not translating it ourselves? Though I do consider that it might be a good choice, if it the platform's owner has been interested in it.

I'll add this into the spanish forum, so that we can look for the game and if it exists, perhaps it'll be another game here.

Kind regards!

16. Everyone,

I don't see why it shouldn't exist... It's a fairly generic word game. Maybe the name's different, but it probably is a thing.

17. YNWA,

Apparently there is a German and Spanish version. I agree you can make your own Spanish version like they had for Monopoly. Yes I know it was a South American board but the principle is the same. I have seen the cards listed on a website but not enough time to do it. I think we would be best to choose the 2006 one as it would not copy RS and has more cards to choose from.

18. basket,

I assume we're talking apples to apples. Yes, I do agree that it can be varied be depending on the language.

19. YNWA,

there are 2 links here. The first is the Red Apples if you like they are questions.

The second link are for Green Apples that are the possible answers.

I believe that is the latest set of cards. If you thinks some cards could be too difficult to translate then they could be taken out and we can use other cards from other versions.

20. Aminiel,

Hmm... my english level isn't extraordinary high, but most of the cards seem not always easy to translate and shouldn't be literally translated, especially red ones, because many of them seem to refer to american-specific expressions or culture. I would probably need help.
Green cards should be reather easy though, as they are just adjectives and synonyms are there to help me translate nearer from the initial intended meaning.
That's well the kind of game that could improve my own english level (which is relatively poor sorry)

Just a few questions about the game, telle me if it's correct or not:

  1. The actual thing to match is the first word or expression in bold, the rest is just there as a hint to better understand what is meant.
  2. The judge changes at every turn clockwise or counterclockwise; I have also read the rule stating that the winner of a round become judge, what looks wrong to me
  3. In most of the rules, it is said that you are dealth 7 red cards. 7 cards at each turn, or the game don't last for more than 7 turns in total ? In later case I don't see how you can reach 12 points.

IN fact, the only problem I see with that kind of game is that it may not be very popular, based on little exams stats because it's also a game with judges and no bots.

Thank you for your answers and suggestions.

21. YNWA,

6a - The tray and the role of judge rotates clockwise (the next person on the left).

6b - Before starting the next round, the new judge should deal out enough cards to make sure everyone is back to 7 red apples.

you have to get 12 correct answers to win the game. If 1 player was chosen a lot they would win the game much quicker than if the scores were very close. The Red cards have more detail that comes with them so people may get a better idea of that person/object. Time duration will depend on how many players play. In many games we can choose the score so there is no reason why people could not select 6 should they wish to do so for example.

You said something Aminiael that is very important that it "would help improve your English with all the different words" That is why a number of my friends like this game. I agree that some cards maybe too difficult to translate so I don't see why they Couldn't be replaced with more suitable ones. It may help make the game more popular for more people. You said correctly that the Little Exam is not so popular with many and that is true. I believe the major reason for this is because people have to write down their own answers. If your English is not great and You don't have an answer at all for many of the questions then you would feel stupid! With Apples to Apples you already have the answers and just have to choose 1 of the cards. Even if you don't understand much you can at the very least select a card. In the little exam you may have 90 seconds to answer 5 questions. You can't text someone or even ask what does that mean, there is not enough time. In apples to Apples you can write and say what does this card mean? and people would have time to explaine, that makes a big difference.

If you need help with some of the cards then I am willing to help.

I have found a Junior Version that is 9 plus so I have posted the link for red apples. I think people would find this a bit easier and I think it wiould be easier to translate. I still think this version would still be fun. If it proved popular later then another version could be added. The link is below:

Latest edition by YNWA, Oct 6 2016 12:11:13

22. prince-makusu ,

Hi aminiel, maybe i can help you for a french translation.

23. basket,

I do like the game a lot, but I also believe that it will not be very popular. Moreover, it presents translation issues for the admins. Given the lack of popularity that the game will most likely encounter, I honestly don't believe it's worth the trouble. It is very popular on rs yes, but that is because rs's playership is almost entirely American. But thank you animiel for giving it serious consideration.

24. YNWA,

Apples to Apples is a very good game and is different to what we have. As I said before people that want to improve their English will find this game very interesting. I believe that I can find enough good questions and answers that most will be able to translate. You don't have to stick to the original cards and there is no reason why I can't modify some of the questions or put in a different alternative. With the Quiz on the French part you added to the Questions later so why can't this be done for this game. We can for example make the cards more international and not make this game just American. Even if we started with 300 Red cards and 50 Green Cards for now more could be added later as i suggested. Also

I believe you have enough info now to make a decision so no point in adding much more. I will just add that this game is a good test case for the quiz as it has the questions and answers already their unlike the little exam. Like Quiz Party people still have a chance of being right even if they don't know the answer so that will make a bid difference!

25. UnseenFyre,

this is the only platform I know that has both visual and nonvisual elements, so the sighted and visually impaired alike can play. I have several friends who play Cards Against Humanity, and I can't ask them to play on RS because it is not visual. I could at one time, when there was a web client, but they limited this. I believe a compromise could be reached. Why not have both games? Apples To Apples and Cards Against Humanity? True the Little Exam exists, and you could turn that into an over-18 game if you get creative, but Cards Against Humanity is just more fun. There have been french only games on this platform, why not English ones, at least at first?

26. YNWA,

Cards Against Humanity purposly have cards that may offend some people, hence the name of the game. where The Little Exam by design does not intend to offend people and that is why there are no warning signs as they have in RS.

Rs had Apples to Apples first and once it became popular they chose Cards Against Humanity much later. It would make sense to do Apples To Apples first to see how many are interested in the game before adding other versions.

In Apples the cards are more spacific unlike Quizz Party where people can regionalise the questions more to their language. I know from speaking to one of the translators that you can't always get an exact word or phrase that will have the exact meaning in another language. I have suggested above that we choose the Junior Box and I can make modifications so it will be easier to translate into other languages. I would have to cut out some of the jokes but I believe the game would still be interesting. I am not going to start on that unless I was asked to do so because I would not work on a load of cards for nothing.

Quizz Party is Available in At least French And Italian now. Aminiel a while ago gave the quotes before when people asked about Quizz Party in another part of the forum.

"to release such a game, we need to mount a solid team of validators and correctors, who review questions submitted by players.

Given that up to now we are even incapable to make a team of helpers, it's not for tomorrow that a good workig team for the quiz will exist in english. WE must first form a solid helper team, and then, maybe, after a while, a validator team. The spanish team already exist, but is also probably too fragile to take this huge work (they are only 2 people)

I much more see an italien version first, simply because the italian team is already well formed, and they are 4."

Nobody has asked about it here now so perhaps it is dead in the water. I don't see people on the forum demanding that Quizz Party be available on this part of the platform.

27. Saniel_Morse,

Hey, about the quiz party: do you think our spanish team is weak enough for not taking such a big effort like this? No, sir. In fact, we have already signed 3000 questions of which, unfortunately, we are unable to acceed, according to the admins due to technical problems. But the game is already here, and we'll keep sending questions and the two helpers remaining will keep checking for questions. Obviously that this number may change because it's easier to be a validator than an admin, therefore that's not a big deal.
Funny thing is that the english team while being four players hasn't done this yet.

Kind regards.

28. Aminiel,

Quiz Party is now also available in spanish. If you like to have it in english, do make a solid team and tell us so that we can give you the access to edit/validate questions. Technically everything is ready.

29. YNWA,

You say technically everything is ready. How long has this been so and how long have the helpers had the opportunity to advertise for people that could have formed an English team? 6 weeks, 6 months or even a year!

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