New Game; Democrasy

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1. Space-Rage,


My Friend from Ohio has told Me about a cool Game

It's called Democrasy

Here are The rules that My Friend has sent Me

Democrasy is a Game played from anywhere between Two to Six players, but works best with 3 or 5. The Twos are removed from a standard 52-Card Deck, leaving 48 cards remaining in play. For 2, 3, or 5 players, these 48 Cards alone are used; for 4 players, Two jokers are added (for a total of 50 Cards); for 6 players, One joker is added (for a total of 49 Cards). 
The Cards rank from high to low in this order: 5, 4, 3, A, K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7 and 6. Point values and names (including Alternate Names) of each Card are as follows:
Chief / Tribe Leader
Vice Chief / Chieftainess
3, A
Ministers / Warriors
K, Q, J
Noblemen / Hunters
10, 9, 8, 7
Peasants / Farmers / Children
Village Idiot / Village drunk / Donkey
Note that even if Two different ranks share The same point value, one must outrank The other. For example a 3 beats and Ace even though both are worth 3 points. The total value of The Cards in each suit is 25.
The Cards are thoroughly shuffled and dealt face down clockwise from The left of The dealer, one Card at a time, and an Extra Hand, known as The "voting Pool" is dealt face down to The Center of The Table.
Normally The Game is played in Two Stages, known as "Days". In The first "Day" half The Cards are dealt and The remainder of The Deck is set aside to be dealt in The Second Day. For example in each Day, 3 players get 6 Cards each with 6 in The Pool, 4 players get 5 Cards each with 5 in The Pool, and 5 get 4 each with 4 in The Pool.
The players pick up Their Hands and look at them, keeping The face of Their Cards hidden from The other players.
The dealer flips over a single Card from The voting Pool, which determines The trump suit for The trick. Each player selects a card from Their hand and places it face down in front of them. Players are free to choose any Card from Their Hand - there is no requirement to "follow suit" or to play a trump if You have One. Once everyone has selected a Card, on The dealer's signal, all simultaneously turn Their cards face up, and The Cards are compared to see who wins The trick.
If any trumps (Cards that match The suit of The Card from The voting Pool) have been played, The highest trump takes the trick, with One exception. If The 5 and 6 of Trumps are both played to The same trick, The 6 wins.
If none of The played Cards matches The suit of The Card turned up from The voting Pool, The trick is won by The highest Card irrespective of suit. The winner of The trick takes all The Cards played to The trick, including The voting Card, and stores them face down in His or Her pile of colected Cards.
If No Trump Cards are played a tie for highest Card is possible. In this case each player colect His or Her own Card only, while The voting Card is discarded and belongs to no One.
A joker can represent any Card except a Trump. Therefore a joker will lose any trick to which a Trump is played. In a trick without Trumps a joker will tie a trick if anyone else plays a 5 or joker, and will win The trick if no 5's or other jokers are played. If a joker is turned up as The voting Card, there is no trumps suit and The highest Card wins, irrespective of suit.
After All The first Day Cards have been played, The dealer deals out The remaining Cards for The second "Day" and The play continues as before.
Once all of The Cards have been dealt and played, each player counts The point values of The Cards they have colected in each suit. Jokers are worth zero points. There are 25 points per suit, and any player who has more than Half the points in a suit, that is at least 13 points, scores a Game point known as a "Tribe". It's possible for a player to score more than One Tribe in a Game, or that more than One player will score a Tribe, or that No One will score if The Cards in each suit are evenly divided.
The match continues with further Games until a player wins by reaching a previously agreed total score, usually 5, 7 or 10 tribes.

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