New Game: Pesë Katësh

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1. Space-Rage,


My Friend Besmir from Albania has told Me about a very simple Game

And I hope that it'll be Available in The QuentinC's Gameroom

It's called Pesë Katësh

The meaning of Pesë Katësh is Five Floors, and it is explained by the evolution of the game itself. It requires four players, either in partnership or independently. It is a trick-taking game, with a mixture of successive deals where the object passes from taking the most cards to avoiding to take tricks containing specific cards. There are no trumps and one must follow suit whenever possible.
Four deals are played according to rules a-d below, and this set of four is traditionally repeated 5 times (hence the name, but shorter games of 3 “floors” are also played), with scores being noted after each deal.

  1. Each trick taken counts +2 (thus 26 total points are available).
  2. Each Heart card taken counts -2.
  3. Each Queen taken counts -4.
  4. The King of Spades taken counts -16.
  5. Points are added and the final score is reached after the twenty deals of the game.

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